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  1. Re: NOTEBOOK: On UNI's 4-headed QB monster and more

    What's the line if you have 2 starting QB's you really don't have any, not sure if that applies to 4.
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    Re: Solomon Young Commits to ISU

    Don't players usually announce via twitter where they are going to school, did not see anything on twitter.
  3. Re: What will your reaction be to the possible outcomes of the UNI game?

    Loss: Figure that we will beat only Iowa and Kansas and that will it for the year maybe find another W, but getting to 4 wins will be tough.

    Win: Regardless of spread would be an improvement over...
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    Re: ***Week 1 College Football Survivor Game***

    ​Week 1: Illinois
  5. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    You know what your right, Rob Gray is right, need to just enjoy it and hope Sam has a special year.

    Changing my pick

    ISU 34
    UNI 21

    Plus mom went to heaven a couple of years ago, so...
  6. Re: SantaFe bound for Thanksgiving... Recommendations?

    Supposedly New Mexico is not very tax friendly for retiree's. I also was looking at buying land there, and still may, but looking at Northern Arizona.

    Truth or Consequences always sounded...
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    Re: 5 Dimes: ISU favored by 8 over UNI

    I don't remember to be honest, but Vegas insider seems to indicate the final line closed at ISU favored by 6.5 points against NDSU. I think NDSU started out as the favorite, but the line quickly...
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    Re: Best case/Worst case

    Don't think anybody would really be upset if this was put to the test. :-)
  9. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    Is it dumber to ignore facts or accept them?

    Guess we know where you fall.

    In the game of football to be successful, usually your QB needs to be your best player.
    Hopefully Sam is ISU's best...
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    Re: Predictions game by game gif thread
  11. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    All i know the back up has more big 12 wins than the starter.
    That sliding before trying to reach the chains last year on a key 4th down still bugs me alot.

    I will agree, the prototypical lean...
  12. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    UNI 27
    ISU 24

    Richardson has never won a big 12 game, and I don't think he has ever beat an FCS school.

    But he is our starter for some reason.
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    Re: Noskowiak not returning to Iowa St

    spot on post. team needs no distractions during the year. And yes the NBA talk has put us in tough spot after this season. But lots of quality kids looking ISU, and we will have lots of playing time
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    Re: RECRUITING: Some Xavier Simpson info

    Simply a case of Chris, running low on testicle shields, and not wanting to experience a shields down kick to the fella's, so taking the "he will not come hear approach." Solid manuever :-)
  15. Re: Seasons Predictions - Post your Win chance for each game

    Pretty close to this.
  16. Thread: Spain Trip

    by fsanford

    Re: Spain Trip

    this too...
  17. Thread: Spain Trip

    by fsanford

    Re: Spain Trip

    Twitter is the worst thing in the world, it allows people to make snap emotional responses, and usually do not represent a person's long term vision on things.
  18. Re: Will this controversy of the future of the B12 ever stop?

    First of all in 20 years the dynamic of college football and sports will change.

    ESPN and cable are fighting a losing battle. Given the continuous exodus of subscribers, they along with Fox will...
  19. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    Pretty simple really.

    They determine number of wins by looking at games ISU would be favored in at the start of the season.


    Iowa is the hedge game Iowa might be a slight...
  20. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    With each additional game comes a higher probability of a loss along the way, its not a reasonable comparison. And again the schedule gets much more difficult in conference than out of conference...
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