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    Re: back up QB???

    I agree its not all on him, but dang, every time I see that stat it is staggering. As much as I want to be excited for the season, it is stats like this that make me the least excited I have ever...
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    Re: Thursday OT - Best Covers

    Umphrey's McGee covered Flock of Seagull's "I Ran" at Simon Estes in 2011 while Yankee Doodle Pops was happening overhead. It was freaking fabulous.
  3. Re: Dave Matthews Band In Des Moines (and Summer tour schedule)

    American Baby is a good tune.
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    Re: Sports Pet Peeves

    The guy who celebrates his tackle when it was made after a solid gain by the offense. I deplore that guy.

    Pretty sure there was an ISU player (Brackens?) who did this last year after chasing the...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    This. Coaching is hard on the ticker. While a GM job would be hugely stressful, the high and lows are more subdued than coaching. Perhaps Fred would rather be an AD than a GM? :-)

    The big thing in...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    I think Fred will use the inevitable NBA coaching gig as a step to a front office (read General Manager) position. That seems to be his ultimate goal in my mind. Having played, coached, and being...
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    Re: Season Ticket Sales ?

    When I was doing my upgrade I noticed that the min. donation for end zone club was lowered to $500 ($5,000 originally if I recall correct). Seems to me this change was done with very little...
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    Re: Bill Simmons leaving ESPN

    Like when Dan Patrick left and started his own radio show, Bill will do his own thing and continue to be best of class and change the whole model a la DP.
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    Poll: Re: How satisfied are you with our season?

    Satisfied. But it could (should) have been better. Still a Big 12 tourney and NCAA tourney left. Team still has yet to have a streak of its best basketball over multiple games, hope they are saving...
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    Re: I better not hear one excuce....

    That was unreal stupid. And hogue had three straight turnovers trying to make the same pass each time.

    I wish the team could pick their spots better and know when to turn it up and when the time...
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    Re: Fred Hoiberg Infiniti Voting

    The Mayor is in second place. Come on people.
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    Re: Who else is worried?

    Lookin like a 6 seed that gets knocked off in first round. Way too inconsistent. If we get matched up with a mid major that knows how to win and we are screwed.
  13. Re: *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma Game(day) Thread ***

    You make your own breaks. Or in our case you turn it over and create OU breaks. The talent with this team is so evident. The shortcomings are all mental and effort.
  14. Re: ***Official #11 Iowa State @ #8 Kansas Gameday Thread***

    What you described are mental errors, I agree. The errors I described are lack of mental toughness. Ie not letting the pressure get to you. Or those errors do not happen because you are so confident...
  15. Re: ***Official #11 Iowa State @ #8 Kansas Gameday Thread***

    When you dribble the ball off your leg because a guy is pressuring you, that is mental. When you poke at a loose ball rather than grab it, that is mental. When you avoid contact on a layup, and...
  16. Re: ***Official #11 Iowa State @ #8 Kansas Gameday Thread***

    Careful. I talked about lack of mental toughness in a game a week or so ago and was poo pooed by multiple "knowledgeable" posters
  17. Re: CONTEST: Who is the most knowledgeable Big 12 hoops fan on CF?

    Saturday, Jan 31st
    TT @ WVU
    TCU @ ISU
    KSU @ KU
    TU @ BU
    OU @ OSU

    Monday, Feb 2nd
    ISU @ KU
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    Re: Are we the medias favorite team?


    ESPN has the Big 12 TV contract for bball = ESPN love fest for ISU and the Big 12.
    FOX has the Big 12 TV contract for football = ESPN meh the Big 12, especially meh ISU.
  19. Re: *** Official Kansas State vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    This team, other than Monte, has zero basketball smarts or awareness. Unfortunately Monte cannot make up for the others' idiocy. Just have no feel for when to press it and when to let the game come...
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    Re: Big 12 Refs Strike Again

    To blame the refs when you play that bad? No, not buying it. ISU lost that game because ISU was not ready to play. I wonder if our guys know the only rebound you get when you are under the net is a...
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