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  1. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    I'd understand it if the team throws in the towel. It's one thing to go through a losing season; it's another for a situation to be so toxic that the whole team quits on the field (which happened a...
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    Re: When was the last time were were ranked?

    I think we could genetically engineer the perfect QB, put him under center, and Bill Snyder would still continue to beat us in the most agonizing ways possible.
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    NBA: Re: NBA Off-season Thread

    Agreed. The East is still weak enough that I can't imagine another team running away with the #1 seed while the Cavs wait on Kyrie and ease Lebron's workload. Get back to full strength by late...
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    Re: Friday OT - Blue Ribbon Baby

    Starting center and MVP for the 2003 Waterloo/Cedar Falls YMCA men's basketball league champions. Still have the trophy. Glory days, indeed.
  5. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    It's gotta be your bull.
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    Re: When was the last time were were ranked?

    Ugh. That was the game where Barnett missed a wide open receiver right down the seam on the last or second to last drive, wasn't it? I want to say it was Shontrelle but I could be wrong. God, so...
  7. Re: How will Devlyn Cousin's departure impact the D-line?

    So if he's staying enrolled through the fall semester, does that leave the possibility for a return to the team? Slim, I know. Did Cousin or Rhoads address that?
  8. Re: NOTEBOOK: Lazard shining in punt returns, Epps impressive as true Fr.

    I wish we had a roster so loaded that spots like kick returner and punt returner could be manned by a blue chip freshman stuck behind an All American at their position, but that's not where we are. ...
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    Re: Kids playing football

    That's about where my wife and I are with our son. I love watching football so I guess it might come off as hypocritical, but I just don't want my son put at that kind of risk.

    And truth be...
  10. Re: ***Official UNI @ Iowa State Prediction Thread***

    ISU 27 UNI 23. Postgame reactions on this site include one new Fire Rhoads thread, one overly optimistic can we win the Big 12 poll, one Joel Lanning should start over Sam thread, one Sam for...
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    Poll: Re: Bigger win this season? KSU of Texas?

    KSU. I'm not sold on the Charlie Strong era at Texas and beating them now only gives them more reason to fire him, make another run at Nick Saban, and return to Big 12 dominance. Instead of that,...
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    Baker Mayfield wins the QB job at OU

    Mildly surprising news. I would have thought just based on experience that Trevor...
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    NFL: Re: NFL Offseason Thread

    Yeah, NE was the last place I wanted Wayne to end up this season. But then again, it's not like forced his way out of Indy. He made it clear that he wanted to play one more season and he would have...
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    NFL: Re: NFL Offseason Thread

    And the Texans waste another year of JJ Watt's prime. That's a really good team in Houston but the...
  15. Re: COLUMN: Five positives to come out of fall camp

    CW, I didn't see a mention of Pierre Aka in the section about the d line. Is he still in the mix or has he fallen out of the rotation?
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    NFL: Re: NFL Offseason Thread

    They might still be in the mix for Reggie -

    He doesn't pose much of a downfield...
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    Re: 61,500 for a sellout

    That's the $64,000 question. Sellouts for the first two home games are a given considering that they're in state rival games plus the draw of the SEZ. If the team is slow out of the gate then...
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    Re: USA Today Football Rankings 1-128

    Sounds right to me. I'm hopeful for a big turnaround this season but the lack of respect was earned after five wins in two seasons. Don't want to be regarded as a joke? Win some games.
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    Poll: Re: Are you happy with Coach Prohm so far?

    So far, so good. It's a great opportunity for him but this first season will be kind of a tough spot for him no matter what the team does. Win and make a Final Four run? Well yeah, but he did it...
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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Season predictions

    I think his Toledo pick had less to do with Toledo and more with the notion of a team that's won five games in two seasons jumping out to a 3-0 start. I think he's right on with the 2-1 start but...
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