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    Re: Best case/Worst case

    Under worst case, not only do we stink the field up again....CPR is back.
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    Re: UNI Returns < 600 tickets

    Of their cheerleaders....yes. They're pretty big.
  3. Re: Simeon Carter talks about why he signed with ISU

    It seems that since the hiring of coach Prohm, when I read your posts I get this feeling that you are yelling at me.
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    Re: UNI @ Iowa State football season opener

    Based on what? Last year NDSU had to replace 12 players, a head coach and a bunch of assistants from the previous season if I recall. And they still curb stomped us.
  5. Re: Per this break down Grant Rohach would start for most teams in the country

    Other than low.....what standards have been established at ISU in football?
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    Re: Emmanuel Malou

    Who is the opponent in that video......the Washington Generals or the Our Lady Of The Immaculate Heart Midgets?
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    Re: Who else is ready for college football?

    FIFY. I was going to put down first two plays, then minutes but I figured....what the h***....lets roll the dice.
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    Re: RECRUITING: Prohm hands out fresh offers

    Not true dog. Rising sea levels due to climate change. Wrong people get in power, Idaho becomes beach front property.
  9. Re: How bad does our football team have to do this fall for us to make a change in ou

    Me: Hey honey, going to the ISU football game.
    Honey: Why waste a beautiful fall afternoon watching them....they blow.
    Me: But that scoreboard is the BOMB!

    Me: Hey honey, going to the ISU...
  10. Re: How bad does our football team have to do this fall for us to make a change in ou

    Has Barry Alvarez retired as Wisky's AD? If not, I would say when he does....that's when JP is gone.
  11. Re: How bad does our football team have to do this fall for us to make a change in ou

    Other than tailgating and watching football, what other "experiences" are to be had on game day? So unless watching losing football has become something people enjoy.......that pretty much narrows...
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    Re: Where are the transfers?

    I don't think that was the point of the OP. We were told by the powers that be on this site AFTER MA bolted for St. Johns and Fred was silent about the Bulls rumors that hey........everyone relax,...
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    Re: BREAKING: Prohm notches first commitment

    I have to agree. With TJ being the front man, this seems like a player he would have recruited during the GMAC years i.e. Clayton Vette, Marcus Brister.
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    Re: Why was Levelle Moton never mentioned?

    As the ISU coach, Wayne Morgan beat Northern Iowa coach GMAC 2 of their 3 meetings. And look what happened. Should have been a hint, right? So us pounding his team in the NCAA will have no bearing on...
  15. Re: Hoiberg shoots down Otzelberger conspiracy theory

    Those on the JP bandwagon are either forgetting or purposely ignoring the true reason the program is where it is at right now. And that unless there is another Dana Altman out there they better be...
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    Re: This might be what pushes Pollard...

    This right here. And if Otz is hired those who have anointed ISU a "basketball school" can shelve that. It's not because he is a bad guy, or even a bad coach. It's because what "basketball school"...
  17. Re: Legacy Defining Moment: Pollard Steps Up To The Plate

    I know you are a big TJ fan....................but your first bolded statement is exactly why he shouldn't be our next coach. Why the heck would a basketball school hire someone with zero head...
  18. Re: Q&A: Otzelberger on Hoiberg, his return to Ames, family & more

    Says the person who feels the need to start a fresh Hoiberg watch thread each and every day?:eek:
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    Re: Official 2015 Hoiberg NBA Speculation Thread

    Did you ever meet Wayne Morgan? He was nice to a fault and was an assistant on some very, very good Syracuse teams. And yet most here say he couldn't coach a lick? So why should any here think that...
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    Re: Official 2015 Hoiberg NBA Speculation Thread

    Have to agree with this.
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