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    Re: Williams and Woody. Pathetic

    Worst thread title ever. Who crapped in your cheerios this morning?
  2. Re: Reporter and Cameraman Shot and Killed on Air

    Same. I really should have stopped when I saw he had to gun pointed at the reporter. Still can't believe it was a real video, won't be able to sleep easy yet tonight.
  3. Re: 2015-2016 Mens bball full conference schedule

    Anyone else find it odd that the Big Monday game at WVU doesn't start until 8 pm? I know this is standard for the Big XII games, but considering WVU is in the Eastern time zone and their style of...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Pumpkin Beer

    I disagree that it's that time of year, give me at until September before I'm in the mood for Pumpkin Ales. That being said Schlafly and Whole Hog Pumplin Ale are the two best of had and the others...
  5. Re: PODCAST: Geeking out on football with Jeff Woody

    BTW, the Hawkeye running back that Woody was talking about but couldn't think of the exact name was Marcus Coker. His claim to fame started after this brilliant gem was produced:

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    Re: Top 30 Sports Movies - Rolling Stone

    Letting The Big Lebowski be on a sports movie list is like letting Kirkwood students purchase student season tickets for the Hawkeyes. Oh wait...
  7. Re: NOTEBOOK: Jaypee Philbert has a lofty goal

    Man, these JUCO transfers sure have no problem with publicly setting the bar high. See Demond Tucker, Jhaustin Thomas, and now Philbert. I like the swagger these new guys have.
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    Poll: Re: Are you happy with Coach Prohm so far?

    Entirely too early to tell if I'm happy with the hire yet, but since the question is are you happy so far it's got to be a yes. Really he has said all the right things to the media, retained and...
  9. Thread: Vegas

    by BCoffClone125

    Re: Vegas

    I went to Vegas for the first time this year and used a lot of the advice posted in this thread. It's definitely worth a read if you and your party are first timers.
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    Re: Simeon Carter commits

    I'm excited for this commit, but almost just as excited that the CW vacation myth lives on. Mods can we please react accordingly when Chris tries to rejoin us?
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    Re: Orlando Magic sign Ejim

    I was wondering this too. I'm guessing this just means he is guaranteed to some sort of $$$ regardless of making the full roster or not though.
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    Re: Uber Ames

    Wow, great news for Ames. I think people would surprised at how many people will use this service. I took a cab 1 time when I went to ISU and it took about 45 minutes just to arrive on a Wednesday...
  13. Re: Iowa State-Iowa Menís Basketball Game Moved To Dec. 10

    Selfishly, I don't like this because I was going to try to get a ticket to the game on Friday but can't justify driving 2.5 hours on a Thursday night to go now. For the program and exposure, I think...
  14. Re: SUMMER SERIES PODCAST: Expectations for the next 5 years

    Enjoyed the podcast CW and Blum, good work.

    I agree about the part of ISU's fanbase starting to lean towards the younger side. As a young alum, I think the football program needs to brand it's...
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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    Yes, it's the Rockies. Yes, it's still July. But my goodness that was huge for the Cubbies.
  16. Re: Sam Richardson on Manning Award watch list

    Pretty cool to see this, and yes I know his win/loss record as our starting QB hasn't been good at all, but he has still put up decent numbers all things considered. When was the last time ISU had a...
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    Re: The ESPY's

    Seriously?? It's a god damn ESPY award she won, not a medal of honor. How the hell are Bruce Jenner and the military even comparable in this situation?
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    Re: Home Run Derby

    I like the new format better too. My only complaint so far is the "bonus time" they award for hitting a HR over 425 ft. I don't think there has been a single player that didn't get the bonus time. I...
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    Re: Jackson Vroman dies in car accident

    Damn, this really sucks. Loved watching him play back when I was growing up, him and Homan were a great tandem down low. The team with those two along with Stinson, Blalock and Sullivan was fun as...
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    Keith Murphy Interview with Steve Prohm

    Good stuff here from Keith. This and the Hoiberg interview he did in Chicago were both well done.
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