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  1. Re: Expose on Baylor covering up rape by players

    Do they have to go into such detail on how they kicked our butts at a historic level in this kind of article??
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    Re: CBB Teams Most Likely to Disappoint

    I just left the football rankings thread ... so I thought I would turn here for some happier thoughts. To me every season under Fred was a disappointment. Not because I thought that he wasn't an...
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    Re: USA Today Football Rankings 1-128

    If this isn't motivation for the guys on the team I don't know what would be. FAU? FIU? App State? These are teams that Furman historically has been considered a powerhouse in comparison. I'm...
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    Re: Tsalmpouris not coming back

    Hate to see him go... Hope he does well.
  5. Poll: Re: Reasons for yesterday's Basketball Loss to the Venezuelan National Team

    ... and Miami is so close to the United States...
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    Re: Spain Trip

    The other team didn't look very good. ISU missed a lot of threes that were beyond wide open. Hard to tell anything by that game.
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    Re: Anyone wanna buy Fred's old house?

    Hmmmm.... This house or a parking space in Monaco..... Tough choice.
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    Re: Odds go win conference ...

    It seems to me that ISU finished 9th in a "good" season under CPR. I would say that we will finish 8th, 9th or 10th... even if we win 6 and the odds are about 50-1 that we finish 6th. Anything...
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    Re: Cyclone Football Preseason Predictions!

    I'm thinking that we win one game. Since I am no expert, I'm going to say that I'm way off and we win 7 or 8 games. Richardson will not go down easily this season.
  10. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Wednesday, June 3 ***

    Saying "be glad it happened" is all fine and good ... I am. My question is: since Fred came asking for the job what is in his contract? In most cases colleges need to buy out remaining contracts...
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    Re: Question about Hoiberg

    100% end thread/
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    Re: Ready for the 2pm presser...

    That guy up there doesn't seem like the Mayor at all. He is selling himself. I really only care about the NBA if there is an ISU player on the court... I don't know if this will make me actually...
  13. Re: Mayor says goodbye to Ames, hello to Chicago

    There goes our chance to build a blue blood program. I hope that he is working behind the scenes to make ISU a powerhouse into the future. Also, who is that guy and where did the Mayor go?
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    Re: Would you take Fred back someday?

    WTF? I hope that he wins it all. He is still a Cyclone. I still think that he stays and if he doesn't he will be working behind the scenes to help the Cyclones succeed.
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    Re: More of what Hoiberg said at the airport

    Will someone wake me up? This stupid dream just won't go away. No way the Mayor does this.
  16. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    Well, that was a kick in the nuts. Any word on how the players are taking it? I suppose we know why we didn't land the last couple of recruits. I have no words. He went out wetting the bed. I...
  17. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    I guess I still don't see the Mayor pulling a Chiz. I won't believe it until I see it. Also, if it wasn't for CF I could have gone the entire summer in ignorant bliss. Thanks for nothing Chris!
  18. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    To go out with a loss to UAB is the most un-Mayor like thing I can imagine.
  19. Re: ***OFFICIAL*** Bulls confident Hoiberg next Bulls coach

    I have mixed emotions if he leaves. I would be interested in knowing what he said while he was pushing hard to get the job at ISU. He clearly turned the program around... But I can't imagine the...
  20. Re: List of potential replacements should Fred Hoiberg leave

    Am I the only one who still thinks that The Mayor isn't going anywhere? I am watching from a distance but if he leaves before Niang's senior year it will make me question everything that I think and...
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