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  1. Will this controversy of the future of the B12 ever stop?

    If this article has any truth to it, B12 stability just took another hit. What went on behind the scenes was very different from what was discussed in public. Bottom line to me? If we want a...
  2. Re: Pan-Am Games : Mens' Basketball Canada or USA?

    Mel has shown over the years that he can use his considerable brain power to get the most out of his physical talent. Add in his inner motivation and never count him out.

    Regarding your prior...
  3. Re: Pan-Am Games : Mens' Basketball Canada or USA?

    Article on Melvin:
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    Re: The Greek "probably coming back to college"

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    Re: RECRUITING: Leland King update

    His comments are all fine and dandy, until he starts talking about the Cyclones in this manner. Then, the shoe is on the other foot - and comments about him on this forum will change. Anyone in the...
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    Re: Nick Nolting

    Here is some information. Note the football reference Rabbuk.
  7. Re: ISU's release regarding Darien Williams' release

    This forum is getting plain ridiculous. The hyperbole is totally out of control. People are posting junk here, with absolutely no knowledge of what Fred and Matt have planned. It's beyond insane....
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    Re: Fred Hoiberg's future on SC

    I may be - probably am - wrong, but I think a lot of this talk about Fred moving is that the talking heads can't get it through their heads that a great coach - one of the best in the country - could...
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    Re: The facts are the facts

    Were you trying to be sarcastic? He is a UNI season ticket holder, or was last year. He mentioned it in one of his previous posts.

    So, all together now: STOP FEEDING THE TROLL!!
  10. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    You probably already know it by now, but Logan Steiber won OW according to Flo Wrestling; 4 time winner makes sense, but otherwise, I think it would have been Gadson's.
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    Re: Decision Time on Jackson

    You guys should not be so critical of NEIcyFan. He is at least consistent. Almost exactly a year ago, he started a post like this one, questioning KJ's future. Here is one of his entries:
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    Re: Grades for each ISU Player

    Thank you. You hit the nail on the head. So many posts here are totally immature, IMO. If posters are frustrated, consider how the players and coach feel? The criticisms here offer nothing to...
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    Re: Grades for each ISU Player

    [QUOTE=acgclone;4544396]Niang B+ Not much left for him to do except improve consistency)

    Hogue C+ Solid player. Limited skills, but flashed during some games. Unfortunately he didn't play his...
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    Re: Fred's future at Iowa State

    Totally agree - and thanks for stating it clearly.
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    Re: Fred's future at Iowa State

    This statement reveals that you know nothing about burn-out - and I hope you stay that way.
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    Re: Official Post-Game Meltdown - You Post Here

    Thank you for pointing out the reality. I would add that consistency was a problem this year (obviously), but we beat a lot of teams with more talent than we had. Winning the B12 tournament 2 years...
  17. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Sure hope the team handles their frustration better than most posters on his thread....
  18. Re: 3 point foul on BDJ near the end of the game.

    Thank you. This needed to be said.
  19. Re: 3 point foul on BDJ near the end of the game.

    IMO the worst call of the night was a non-call when Mackay was hacked, stepped on and pushed and there was no call. And to add insult to injury, KU came down to our end and we got called for what I...
  20. Re: *** Official Texas vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    That's why we don't like Jones. We need the points and he had to hotdog and go for the slam - and missed. He could have had us within.... we hate the need to put himself ahead of the team.
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