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  1. Re: Do we have anyone in the WNBA right now?

    Who is currently (as of last season) playing overseas? Does anyone know what Tracy Gahan decided to do after she retired?
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    Re: Sisters add Vandy transfer

    After a long and eventful recruiting process, Heather Bowe of Regis High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has found a home. Bowe verbally committed yesterday to Vanderbilt University, located in ...
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    Re: No Game Thread?

    PT is definitely based on defense more than offense. He called out the bench players in the postgame for those last 3 threes. I guess you have to be a perfectionist to get to that level of coaching.
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    Re: No Game Thread?

    Maybe 50%. Not bad, for as much traveling as he gets assigned, I'm sure.
  5. Re: CFTV: Fennelly previews tonight's bout with Texas Tech

    With the lack of respect the Big 12 is getting, it might be multiple Big 12 teams in the WNIT Final Four. There are only two good teams that end the season with a win, wouldn't it be nice to be one...
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    Re: Laura Cornelius

    It wasn't a top tier crowd, lots of families gone because of the late start time. But the single game ticket areas were decently full. The crowd was its usual loud self when it was close, and stayed...
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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - ugh

    Number one, lack of Jadda. We were better both offensively and defensively with her. With only one dribble penetrator, we are just unable to get the looks we need. I'm sure the cut in hours of...
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    Re: A.M. game at OU

    Definitely worth a try.

    When only one player can dribble past her defender, it makes for a difficult climb for the offense. Everyone has the book on this team without Jadda. I sure hope Stark can...
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    Re: bad influence

    He said in the Register that she asked him about something that happened down there, and he had to 'set her straight' was the words he used, I believe.

    It was great the refs were calling many of...
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    Re: Redshirting a possibility for Buckley

    Given what a competitor she is, I would think she would jump at the chance of 3 seasons as the starting QB on the team. Does anyone know what would be the basis for denying a medical redshirt...
  11. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Defense scores victory over #3 Texas

    Lizz Bush? I thought I heard it as Bush, and that is the one Bush I could find, quickly scanning rosters.
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    Re: Best guard in the Fennelly era?

    Megan is playing small forward in almost all the old games I've watched. Because of that, I would go with Lacey. She was a 2 or a 1 99% of the time.
  13. Thread: Article

    by savepolarbears

    Re: Article

    I've asked this before and no one answered. How do you force good teams to come play in Hilton when they don't have to? Seems like these conference vs. conference challenges are about the only way to...
  14. Re: Meredith Burkhall's dominance powers Roosevelt in 5-A

    If she can be a Hallie-type 4, and Bre an Angie Welle-type 5, would could really make some noise. And good depth behind them too.
  15. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies win strong over Ark Pine Bluff after ugly first h

    I hope we are practicing our full court press, with Thomas at the back end. We haven't seen much of her, but she looks like she could be a heck of a defensive force.
  16. Thread: Claire

    by savepolarbears

    Re: Claire

    [QUOTE=SerenityNow;4325167]We really have bad luck with injuries to our bigs. Was wondering why I hadn't seen her last couple of games.[/QUOTE stats had her at 9 min. against Drake,...
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    Re: 14-15 WBB Bracketology

    My understanding is, if stronger programs won't play home and home, we would have to sweeten the pot to get them to come. Where do you suggest we get the money to do that? My sense is that BF is...
  18. Re: Twister Sister Summary - a new season approaches

    Seems like the first exhibition usually has a mild surprise, as far as who is or isn't starting. Any guesses what BF's first lineup will look like?
  19. Re: Twister Sister Summary - a new season approaches

    As important as the frosh are, to me the difference will be how much the seniors step up their game, and how they lead by example. Specifically, if Fallon can be the super 4 I've always imagined her...
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    Re: Win #3 over German squad

    Any word why Fallon didn't play in game one? She is my favorite dark horse to become a star this year. She's got tools.
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