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    Re: Congratulations Mitchell Myers

    What can you say about Mitch? Great attitude through this whole ordeal. How tough is that? He wanted to stay up here and complete his chemo, be an ISU football player and student. I wish him the best...
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    Re: Redshirts for incoming freshman?

    Uuhm, the season hasn't started, not sure why all the conjecture? These things tend to sort themselves out. Bowman may end up being what CJL wants to run. Now that she's had taller setters, she might...
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    Re: Hiring of Dan Steele

    Yeah, I'm over it. It's what it is. We got a really good coach. Sanderson should be right up there with some help from Dan especially in conference.

    We really need the recruiting on the men's...
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    Hiring of Dan Steele

    While I think this is a major coup, I worry about our relationship with UNI. Stupid, I know. Just more incentive for the football game, IMO.

    Hiring McD was one thing, this is another. He'd been...
  5. Re: Top 10 Dunks of the 2014-15 Iowa State Season

    Nader had some really quick dunks off drives, I thought? Iowa game comes to mind, great job putting it together, though.

    McKay's dunks would be even better if he wasn't being undercut in all of...
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    Re: Volleyball Schedule Announced

    CJL has been pretty sharp about knowing her teams and scheduling, with a couple years being outliers on the bell curve. She likes to find out what she's got before conference. I hope this turns out...
  7. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Saturday, June 6 ***

    Nihilists? "No, Donnie, these men are cowards." It's just going to take too long, and Leath should be seen and not heard. Fred knew he was going and brought TJ back. Let the thing run its course.
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    Re: Volleyball Class Ranked #8 in Nation

    Well, Bruce it was, then. Grateful for that.

    IMO, physical would be the spiking and hitting velocity, but just the size and presence at the net for blocking, too. When you're a middle blocker or...
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    Re: Volleyball Class Ranked #8 in Nation

    Wonder how high we'd be if they added Grace? It must be just domestic recruits that these services rank?

    It will be interesting to follow this group through and see how they develop. I hope they...
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    Re: 2016 Big 12s

    IMO, this is really good news for ISU fans. If you've been down for the BB tourney's, KC is a fun town with the Power & Light District and Westport. 4th largest alumni association, plus close to Des...
  11. Re: WBB: Caron-Goudreau twins make ISU visit

    That's even dumber, then.
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    Re: Diallo to Kansas

    Cliff wasn't a colossal failure, but certainly not what was billed. I'm not going to wish anything on the kid, it will be what it is. However, it will be funny if a family loan turns up, or something...
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    Re: Moody moved back to Texas

    I agree with Boxsters summary, also. Bluder will try to make hay out of this recent success, but she hasn't had a history of consistancy. This is a bit of a blip on the radar with them actually...
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    Re: Spring game

    Quite a day. I couldn't find any scores from the other matches. It's like a tree fell in the woods with nobody around. We won all our matches, but many were close. Given the roster, I was surprised...
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    Re: Lauren Hill passes...

    Really sad with all the new treatments coming. In a couple years the technology to use viruses that used to make us sick or worse, could be used to kill cancer routinely. There is real progress being...
  16. Re: WBB: WNBA Draft and players of interest

    Wouldn't that mean that interest would fall even further, though? Essentially, driving salaries down. I wouldn't think that would be a good thing.
  17. Re: FAWcast: The Otzelberger hire, hoops recruiting & more

    As a side note, and making a trilogy participation of the Big Lebowski characters, there could be a difference in "starring" in Log Jammin', and just participating. When you're a dad and not a porn...
  18. Re: 3 Cyclones on Volleyball Magazine Fab 50 for 2015

    It was mentioned on here a while back that Bobbi Peterson and the coach at Dike are related somehow. She wasn't going to let either get away, as there was a good hitter on the team also.
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    Re: Grace Lazard

    She looks pretty tall when compared to the other middle hitters. She's "put together", not a skinny 17-18 year old. I hope she can contribute right out of the gate. I'm sure that's what the coaches...
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    Re: Other Tournament Games of Interest

    Sorry, I added to my previous posts by edit. Doesn't move the thread along. I do think the Zag's benefit by not having to play out of region every year. Our fans would be okay with travelling a state...
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