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  1. Re: ***Official B12 Expansion/Implosion Thread 3.0???***

    I'm curious, say Texas and OU decided they were going to leave. How long before the GOR ends would they announce? If all they care about is winning, they'd have an obvious recruiting advantage...
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    Re: Friday OT #1 - Little Obsessions

    Everything in my work e-mail is automatically archived to my hard drive off the server after 2 weeks. I have one other folder besides my inbox to save stuff I definitely need to follow up on. ...
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    Re: Friday OT #3 - Top 5 TV Shows

    1. The Wire
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. Sopranos
    4. Friday Night Lights
    5. The Americans

    HM - Simpsons, Seinfeld, Better Call Saul, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Sports Night
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    Re: Good Read

    It's not that much worse than right now but in my opinion the current schedule is much worse than ISU's schedule from the 80s and early 90s and it just seemed like another step in the wrong direction...
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    Re: Good Read

    As a fan, this just seems incredibly boring to me. It'd be basically the same schedule every year with 10 conference games, two creampuffs or rivalry games. Determining at large bids would be more...
  6. Re: La Tech Transfer Xavian Stapleton on Campus

    Are we seriously talking about Fred resigning and sitting out a year and forcing the new coach to come in and coach in his shadow and leaving all the fans to wonder what if every time there's a...
  7. Re: La Tech Transfer Xavian Stapleton on Campus

    The 1.6 blocks per 40 stands out. About 40% of his rebounds were on the offensive glass. At 6-6, I think he could offer a lot of versatility. I doubt he's ever a focus on offense but it seems like...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Sports Injuries?

    I remember doing this at a summer basketball camp and the next time I touched the basketball I thought it had a lump like an old ball that'd been left in the sun. I was about to say something but...
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    Re: Devon Moore-Class of 2017 QB

    Hey, if it leads to a Rose Bowl win over Iowa and top 5 ranking, I'm ok with the next Mark Brunell.
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    MLB: Re: *** 2015 ST LOUIS CARDINALS ***

    Is a post-season ban even possible? It just seems like a nightmare. Suddenly a team has nothing to play for this year, probably hurts attendance, certain teams are screwed over by schedule whether...
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    Re: NCAA Women's Basketball Rule Changes

    Thanks! I was expecting the 3rd quarter to be lower but I think the effect might still be there. I think it's only human nature that officials are more hesitant to call fouls early in a half when...
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    Re: NCAA Women's Basketball Rule Changes

    Great analysis. Do you have the breakdown of fouls by quarters? I'm especially interested if the first 10 mins of the first half are called different than the first 10 mins of the second half. IMO...
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    Re: Bothers me the most

    Legacy is what people worry about when you're dead. Life is for living.
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    Re: Being College Coach Vs NBA Coach

    In game decisions and strategy have a much bigger impact in the NBA. There's more close games, the best teams only win around 80% of their regular season games. Kentucky won 100% this year. Good...
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    Re: Most Annoying Friend

    Haha, some things don't change much.
  16. Re: Cliff Alexander spills the beans about his allegations

    Yeah, I think that's totally right. I highly doubt the Alexander case was a completely innocent mistake. The problem is the NCAAs inability to catch the people smart enough to not get caught. ...
  17. Re: Cliff Alexander spills the beans about his allegations

    I guess it depends on what types of scams we're talking about, but I do think there's a pretty consistent theme of the people the NCAA catches are the ones with the elaborate schemes: cars, home...
  18. Re: WBB considering switch from halves to quarters

    Sorry, I should have explained my reasoning better. My gut feeling is the 3rd quarter (1st 10 min of 2nd half) is the most poorly officiated part of the CBB game. I don't have stats to back it up...
  19. Re: WBB considering switch from halves to quarters

    I like it. Hope the men move towards changing it too. I don't know if it changes the strategy that much but the biggest thing is making the games more similar in length and not having as many last...
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    Re: Another reason BYU wants in ...

    So does the Big 12 getting shut out of the playoff not cost anything? And actually benefit by having another team in a non-playoff bowl?
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