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    Re: Chattanooga Shooting

    From 2001-2009 there were 3800 American deaths due to terrorism. Not even a blip on the radar eh? Not sure why this is getting any attention at all.
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    Re: Celebrity Crush?

    Amy Mainzer (Astrophysicist). Ok call me a nerd but I'd love to kiss her brain.:wubclub:

    P.s. The rest of her isn't too...
  3. Re: Every state flag is wrong. If you donít believe me, look at them. - the 50 worst

    South Carolinas flag looks like it would be right at home as an Arab states flag. Hmm.
  4. Re: Monday OT - Worst Experience at Doctor or Healthcare Provider ?

    My first Dentist didn't use Novocain when filling drilling cavities. Hated that guy with a passion especially after he retired and I realized there was such a thing as Novocain.
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    Re: Prohm Makes Offers for '16

    The only thing I worry about is the cultural differences as well as the climate differences making it tough to recruit the south.
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    Re: Number 1 song on the day you were born

    Yesterday in U.S.
    Satisfaction in Germany

    Hello Vietnam #1 Country. How the times haven't really changed much after all.
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    Re: Who does Steve Prohm look like to you?

    I think he has a little Steve Carell in him.
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    Re: UNLV biggest under achiever???

    I miss Rick Barnes already.
  9. Re: Fox Sports article reviewing successes and failures of realignment

    Ultimately I think Iowa and Neb will also be big losers as the power continues to shift east in the B1G. Also the fans were big losers as not getting to watch their teams play their traditional...
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    Re: Prohm on Rome

    Depends on the year Iowa is having I'm thinking.
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    Re: Prohm Hired As ISU MBB Head Coach

    The national media was probably saying the same thing when Iowa hired Lickliter. National coach of the year and all.

    That being said. Go Prohm!
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    Re: Prohm Hired As ISU MBB Head Coach

    Oh BTW talk about blowing an introductory press conference I always thought McDermott did. Hated the hire and hated it even more after the press conference. Especially with the Iowa comment and...
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    Re: Prohm Hired As ISU MBB Head Coach

    McDermott wanted to beat Iowa, he wanted to get the players Iowa gets. Instead he got Big 12 players and coached like they were Iowa players.
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    Re: Keeping TJ

    Yep but no where near the level of KU and that's where we hoped we were going. With Fred and TJ maybe, with TJ alone doubtful, with TJ and an up and coming coach I hope but not likely. That's why...
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    Re: Keeping TJ

    Just for a reality check. KU signed another 5 star.

    For those who think TJ is the recruiting answer I'm not...
  16. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Sunday, June 7 ***

    Why? No one has a crystal ball. No one doubts that next years team should be very good. It's moving this program forward after that which is of the biggest concern. Unless they have said any...
  17. Re: Hoiberg shoots down Otzelberger conspiracy theory

    Oh I don't know I think I have seen a definite softening of his position lately. Reason will always win in the end.
  18. Re: Hoiberg shoots down Otzelberger conspiracy theory

    Oh good grief this is big time P5 college basketball not Dancing with the Stars.

    We are in June and don't have a coach. Fred built his national image on the back of Hilton Magic and is...
  19. Re: Hoiberg shoots down Otzelberger conspiracy theory

    I'm not that impressed with any of the official candidates and would be willing to roll the dice on TJ based mostly on Fred's recommendation. But I would hope at this point ISU could bring in a big...
  20. Re: Hoiberg shoots down Otzelberger conspiracy theory

    It's fine if Fred gives him his highest endorsement and that would definitely pull a lot of weight in choosing the next coach but it shouldn't mean he should get it by default.

    If he does get...
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