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    Re: Brady Supposedly Destroyed Cell Phone

    Because what they would hi-jack the HOf induction and turn it into a concussion discussion, that would take away from the inductees into the HOF.. Kind of simliar to this thread about Tom Brady's...
  2. Re: To File or Not To File - Car Insurance Claim?

    It depends on your insurance. We had an incident a few years ago with a lawn tractor and a car door. Called the insurance and they swore to me, with our records (No speeding tickets, no claims ever...
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    Re: HIgh $ fantasy football league

    Not saying anyone on here is going to get in trouble, as I've never personally seen anyone get in trouble. But, back in my days when I played a lot of Frisbee golf, I was involved in a couple of...
  4. Re: totally old and probably answers question about NCAA conferences

    This pretty much says it.
  5. Re: Will this controversy of the future of the B12 ever stop?

    Not that I think ISU is a shoe in to any conference, but this really is the case. And I'm not just sucking up. A few years ago, all you needed to do was to get a few thousand people to call in to...
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    Re: My College Football Playoff Scenario

    Just make it 8 teams. 5 P5 conference champions, then 3 at large bids. Still gives ND, BYU or any other outside team a shot at getting in. This would even allow the precious SEC to get their two...
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    Re: Escalator kills woman in China (video)

    Probably similar to the signs they showed during the first Gulf War, when Saddam was showing how evil the US was because we were only bombing their "Baby Milk Plants"

    Not to derail though, so why...
  8. Poll: Re: More lopsided conference divisions, old B12 or new B1G?

    This is where I'm at. We can all run around and pound our chests about how tough the Big 12 is now, how it was still tougher when there was a North and a South, but in the end, that never matter for...
  9. Re: Will this controversy of the future of the B12 ever stop?

    I think a lot of it is wishful thinking at this point, with networks struggling to try and justify these huge payments they are making to conferences for their TV deals now. Lose one conference,...
  10. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    Call me naive then, I really don't care, it is my opinion. Looking at those four teams they have a realistic shot at going 4-0. If you threw just about any other team on our schedule in there, I...
  11. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    I completely get your point, but saying the four easiest games on your schedule are realistically winnable, is a lot different than saying you will win all 12 games, no matter how easy the schedule...
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    Re: Any other space geeks out there?

    Ugh, one of the greatest disappointments of my life was being too young and not getting a chance to see a Saturn V launch in person. That rocket has fascinated me my entire life.
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    Re: Any other space geeks out there?

    Wow, this thread is taking a turn for the cave pretty quickly.

    That being though, this is pretty cool news.
  14. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    Mostly, I'm just saying that for me personally, it was the blow outs. I don't have to factor in all the other stuff for my disappointment in last season. I'm not calling you wrong or trying to...
  15. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    For me, it was the blowouts. The games just weren't fun to watch. I felt like I was back in school in the early 90s hanging out in the parking lot and drinking while the game finished up. I love...
  16. Re: Paul Rhoads fully understands how "antsy" fans are

    The big difference in last year, that we really hadn't seen much of under Rhoads, were all of the blow-out losses. You know ISU is good for one or two a year, but Oh my, last year was horrible.
  17. Re: Sam Richardson calls Wendell Taiese an NFL type of talent

    So is this the typical start to the offensive line hype train we seem to get every year?
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    Re: Hawkeye Wedding

    I know some people love to laugh at this, but I would love to have a couple extra million or so people who never went to ISU, who were still such big fans, they'd play the fight song at their...
  19. Re: Documentary- Looney Tunes Animator Chuck Jones

    Looney Tunes was pretty amazing. It was the Pixar of it's day, or should I say, Pixar is the Looney Tunes of today. I still can't pass up watching a Wile E. Coyote episode, no matter what I have...
  20. Re: ***Official B12 Expansion/Implosion Thread 3.0???***

    ESPN will have no problem paying up. I still think their people have a lot to do with this re-alignment talk when it creeps back up. The more concentrated football is, into larger conferences, the...
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