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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    We've had good luck with guys who don't sweat
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    Re: RECRUITING: Prohm hands out fresh offers

    But first he'll go to a p5 program that has been left with a stacked roster by his predecessor and quickly run them into the ground.
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    Re: Sam Richardson on Manning Award watch list

    Sam has been very inconsistent but his body of work has been impressive. He's put up those numbers despite maybe only playing a dozen or so games healthy. I'm looking forward to him coming into his...
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    Re: Some People's Kids

    While I agree with most of what you said, the 16/17 class is going to HAVE to have at least 2 bigs who can play immediately. We can afford to reach on guards that may take a year to develop but we...
  5. Re: PODCAST: In-depth, 1 on 1 with Sam Richardson

    I think you make a good point but thus far in his career, Sam has shown he's not much of a gambler. Time and time again he's proven he'd rather tuck and run than squeeze in a questionable throw and...
  6. Re: BIG 12 Q&A: Kansas head coach David Beaty

    See i think they desperately need an X's and O's guy. Turner Gill and Weis both recruited more talent that Mangino, they just didn't develop it in to a winner. Gill in particular proved that all he...
  7. Re: How bad does our football team have to do this fall for us to make a change in ou

    I agree with this, I think JP has done a great job just getting our head above water and on par with the facilities of other p5 programs. JP's should have pressure on him if CPR is let go, the next...
  8. Thread: The ESPY's

    by heitclone

    Re: The ESPY's

    The ESPY's were the beginning of the end for ESPN being about sports. Now its all "outside the lines" type of stuff, much more similar to TMZ than a network dedicated to sports. Idk why it gets taken...
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    Re: RECRUITING: Top-100 PG to visit in August

    They find them every year though, I think there are ton of good juco PG's out there and most juco teams are lead by their guards. This comes down the fact that there are just a lot more guards being...
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    Re: The Next Step

    More than he's had since combined....? It's a mystery how that deal ever happened, we had very little momentum on the field and recruiting was really rough. The "Is CPR out of gas" trend from 3 years...
  11. Re: How "cord cutting" could be disastrous for sports fans

    BC its real...unlike our manufactured American passion for the game.
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    Re: Lawn Issue - "Fairy Circles"

    Someone has to have the meme of the Ancient Aliens guy around here...I'm not saying it was aliens but...
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    Re: Which do you think will happen first?

    2 coaches in the last 30 years have left our program for better jobs (the same job but still) pry only 1 that you were alive for based on your post. I'm just fine with us losing a coach every 20...
  14. Re: Niang interview on CFH leaving, "you really couldn’t hold a grudge.”

    I think CHI is just a sinking ship, they have an aging, very un "hoiball" roster and easily the worst front office in the league (I'm a lifelong Bulls fan, we just fired a great coach with a roster...
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    Re: Bibbs to Cleveland

    Bibbs should catch on somewhere, especially being classified as a TE. Teams get WR skills at TE money , he'll be used as an H back or in the slot to create mismatches against LB's. I think he'll do...
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    Re: Doomsday Scenario: MWC or AAC?

    In terms of expansion/ one thinks about basketball. It has zero impact, ask the former big east teams now in the AAC.
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    Re: BREAKING: Prohm notches first commitment

    Compared to Homan...Brackins was "soft", the Euro leagues are pretty physical. Also, Craig wasn't much of a factor on the defensive end, at least not in Homan's league. Not trying to knock Craig, he...
  18. Re: Friday OT: Your philosophical approach to life

    You'll never catch any frogs if you're afraid to get your shorts wet
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    Re: The Greek "probably coming back to college"

    I think GT will compete for minutes, especially in the non con but idk if I'd say he's a lock to get them. He didn't get meaningful minutes last year bc his skill set makes him a '4'...not a '5', in...
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    Re: Best Concert Ever Attended

    That may say more about new music than old people ;)

    Too tough to pick just one show but the ones in the mix would be Pearl Jam '98 at Sandstone, RHCP/Foo Fighters Omaha '99, CSNY at Keumper in...
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