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    Re: Anyone wanna buy Fred's old house?

    Hmmmm.... This house or a parking space in Monaco..... Tough choice.
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    Re: Odds go win conference ...

    It seems to me that ISU finished 9th in a "good" season under CPR. I would say that we will finish 8th, 9th or 10th... even if we win 6 and the odds are about 50-1 that we finish 6th. Anything...
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    Re: Cyclone Football Preseason Predictions!

    I'm thinking that we win one game. Since I am no expert, I'm going to say that I'm way off and we win 7 or 8 games. Richardson will not go down easily this season.
  4. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Wednesday, June 3 ***

    Saying "be glad it happened" is all fine and good ... I am. My question is: since Fred came asking for the job what is in his contract? In most cases colleges need to buy out remaining contracts...
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    Re: Question about Hoiberg

    100% end thread/
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    Re: Ready for the 2pm presser...

    That guy up there doesn't seem like the Mayor at all. He is selling himself. I really only care about the NBA if there is an ISU player on the court... I don't know if this will make me actually...
  7. Re: Mayor says goodbye to Ames, hello to Chicago

    There goes our chance to build a blue blood program. I hope that he is working behind the scenes to make ISU a powerhouse into the future. Also, who is that guy and where did the Mayor go?
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    Re: Would you take Fred back someday?

    WTF? I hope that he wins it all. He is still a Cyclone. I still think that he stays and if he doesn't he will be working behind the scenes to help the Cyclones succeed.
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    Re: More of what Hoiberg said at the airport

    Will someone wake me up? This stupid dream just won't go away. No way the Mayor does this.
  10. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    Well, that was a kick in the nuts. Any word on how the players are taking it? I suppose we know why we didn't land the last couple of recruits. I have no words. He went out wetting the bed. I...
  11. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    I guess I still don't see the Mayor pulling a Chiz. I won't believe it until I see it. Also, if it wasn't for CF I could have gone the entire summer in ignorant bliss. Thanks for nothing Chris!
  12. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    To go out with a loss to UAB is the most un-Mayor like thing I can imagine.
  13. Re: ***OFFICIAL*** Bulls confident Hoiberg next Bulls coach

    I have mixed emotions if he leaves. I would be interested in knowing what he said while he was pushing hard to get the job at ISU. He clearly turned the program around... But I can't imagine the...
  14. Re: List of potential replacements should Fred Hoiberg leave

    Am I the only one who still thinks that The Mayor isn't going anywhere? I am watching from a distance but if he leaves before Niang's senior year it will make me question everything that I think and...
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    Re: Official 2015 Hoiberg NBA Speculation Thread

    No way he leaves now. /end thread
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    Re: ISU #2 Pre-Season

    As long as we don't land at number 9 I don't care where we are....
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    Re: Dylan Ennis

    Next year this team will be hungry, won't look past anyone, and will go far. I think that this will help make decisions.
  18. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Silly season perspective

    You’re returning six of your eight top scorers from last year’s team that WON the Big 12. When the “way too early” previews for next season start surfacing over the next few days and Iowa State is a...
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    Re: The Final Four

    Makes me ill to see this and think how tough it must be for our players to watch. Talk about missed opportunities of a lifetime!
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Grade the season, 2014-15

    B- based on performance vs potential .... A based on school history.
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