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    Misc: Re: Pro Golf...Tiger Woods

    Pretty sure Tre4ISU needs to help me figure this out. I either have a balloon of a fade or a snap hook. 1 out of 3 goes straight but I truly never know which way it's going. My irons are good as...
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    The field looks terrible... :jimlad:
  3. Re: Phil Steele looks for bowl game from Cyclones

    The big thing I hope for is a healthy team. CPR deserves to prove the type of coach he is with a full strength team. If he can't win then I think he and everybody says that it just didn't work out....
  4. Re: Fox Sports article reviewing successes and failures of realignment

    All the more reason we need to continue to support our programs good or bad. When this realignment thing comes around again we will have MUCH better facilities, hopefully a solid AD program from top...
  5. Thread: Finally...

    by stateofmind

    Re: Finally...

    I do ALL of these things as well as make sure my light switches are down when off... Every house I move into gets that done the first week or so. And I have ADHD, so it's weird that I'm a bit OCD.
  6. Re: PODCAST: Steve Prohm on KXnO's "Sports Fanatics"

    It was good to hear some questions that were asked on here. Thanks Chris.
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    Re: That time of year

    I always look forward to the season. I'm eternally optimistic about most things, so it doesn't take much for me to feel good about the season. I'm in the camp that CPR is the coach we thought he was...

    When I heard Prohm say, what is that store High Five?, oh, Hy Vee, I never realized that if it was High V, people would call it that. Without seeing Hy and Vee together, just hearing it, seems like a...
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    Re: Hoiberg Press Conference

    But since CDub didn't stand to talk to him and barely even acknowledged Fred, I'm guessing no interviews to come.

  10. Re: SOURCE: Hornacek declines meeting with Iowa State

    So kingcy is false in everything he said because he made it up, and what you have posted is the TRUTH?

    -If JH would tell someone directly contacting him he had interest, he would be putting...
  11. Re: SOURCE: Hornacek declines meeting with Iowa State
  12. Re: SOURCE: Hornacek declines meeting with Iowa State

    My attempt at reading these cryptic bits of info:
    JP or admin reached out to agent directly to talk to Hornacek.
    Agent declined, stating that he can't talk directly to a coach under NBA contract....
  13. Re: VIDEO: Seth Davis on Iowa State's coaching search

    Did you just yada, yada sex?

    Seems like TJ knows how to coach. This was two years ago and looks very comfortable coaching.
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    Re: 1st Trip to el bait

    Oh, and get the bacon-wrapped tators from the High Life menu. You also can't be the broiled chicken or pizza burger.
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    Re: 1st Trip to el bait

    My advice is to pick a beer prior to going, or the flight thing. Then you have a beer while reviewing the rest of your options and your staff member won't have to go through the whole menu to get...
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    Re: Switching ATT iPhone 5 to Verizon.

    Pulled this from: Two basic technologies in mobile phones,*CDMA and GSM represent a gap you can't cross. They're...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    I personally think that the stress of coaching, recruiting for the school you have loved as a kid would be higher than coaching in the NBA. A little piece of Fred died with each loss. Not because he...
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    Re: Royce White will attempt comeback

    Bulls will be all over him in a few weeks. :wink:
  19. Re: What is the deal with the Silence? P.S. Sorry About Another Hoiberg Thread

    I'm guessing it's more that you are realizing that being a dad is 1000% times more important than worrying about athletics. I could be wrong.

    Try writing up what he should tweet out that would...
  20. Re: CFB coaches on the hot seat. lol, we didnt make it but our neighbor did.

    I was thinking that but even the realist in me says we are more relevant than San Jose St, Florida International, Kent State, Iowa... :wink:
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