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  1. Re: Model Athletic Departmet of the Big 12... Baylor?

    Hey, I admire their ability to stay clean. They play by the rules of the game. In basketball, if the refs aren't calling physical play then you adjust your game and get physical yourself. If the NCAA...
  2. Re: Model Athletic Departmet of the Big 12... Baylor?

    Well, considering tOSU got by for years with proclaiming that the Escalades their athletes were driving were loaners while their cars were getting repaired, I don't know how gullible you'd have to...
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    Re: FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

    Yes. #4 was pretty decent.
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    Re: Bo Ryan to retire in 1 year

    That's why they worded it as Bo's hope that he gets the job. If the AD came out and said that's what's happening then there may be an issue.
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    Re: Easiest Celeb to Hate

    Kim Jun Un?
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    Re: OT - Three Aces

    So these are professionals playing from the white tees? I guess I'd think that there would be a lot of pros that would think 14 under isn't that big of a deal from those distances.
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    Re: 1330 KWLO Cedar Valley

    Well crap. Maybe 1650 will pick up ESPN radio now.
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    1330 KWLO Cedar Valley

    Anyone in the cedar valley try to listen to ESPN radio this morning? It seems that the local station has changed to a music station. Anyone have info as to why or if this is temporary?
  9. Re: Smart Phone mount for bike - Suggestions?

    I got one of these for my S3 and now use it for my turbo. Been really happy with it to track maps and run Pandora. It also is nice to hold keys, a spare tube and tire tools without being clunky on my...
  10. Re: Postal Service/Email Idea from Seinfeld Stand-Up

    But if it's not subsidized, then why not just let independent businesses run this service. As with everything, it probably can be done more efficiently by private business than the government.
  11. Re: Postal Service/Email Idea from Seinfeld Stand-Up

    My proposal is to drop it all together. If it's important enough to send paper, it's important enough to send UPS. All statements can be sent electronically much cheaper than printing it and send it.
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    Re: Friday 5: Cereal

    1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    2. Captain Crunch
    3. Life
    4. Multi Grain Chereos
    5. Alpha bits
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    Re: Things to not go "Cheap" or "Generic"

    I much prefer the store brand vanilla sandwich cookies over the Golden oreos. Haven't tried the chocolate ones yet though.
  14. Re: Every state flag is wrong. If you donít believe me, look at them. - the 50 worst

    The comments for Mississippi got a laugh out of me.
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    Re: Things to not go "Cheap" or "Generic"

    I've actually had better luck with lesser known tires from tirerack lately. I've had a set of General tires that outperformed the Firestone's that came in the car. The thing is that you have to do...
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    Re: Car Buying Process

    Definitely let the dealer know you have options. If it's a new car let then know you're looking at a competitive model upfront. So of you're looking at a Civic mention comparisons to a Corolla....
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    Re: Car Audio Experts...

    Same here. Replaced my Jeep head unit but now the factory amps will not work. So the top end still sounds fine, but the 6x9's don't have much bass to them anymore.
  18. Re: Friday OT #1 - Movie Quotes You Use In Real Life

    Office Space:
    "I take the specifications and deliver them to the engineers." - hits really close to home for my job.

    "I wouldn't say that I was missing it Bob"
  19. Re: Jimmy Butler to Lakers? (Not interested in Hoiball?)

    Tim Floyd all over again? Aging overpaid roll players, but I guess he does have a oft injured superstar also. That'll at least keep expectations sky high.
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    Re: HBO's Silicon Valley

    The new head lady will be funny with that group. Her inability to grasp what they are saying will be great.
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