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  1. Re: *** Monte Morris NBA Analysis/Assumptions ***

    Seniors hardly ever get drafted high. If MM comes back for his senior year, he either got hurt or we had a terrible season.
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Superpowers

    I've watched enough Sci-Fi to know that time travel and 'fixing stuff' has lots of unintended consequences.
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    Re: New InterMat 2016 Rankings

    Sure would love to land Happel, but assume he's a hawk or UNI lean. I'm basing that on nothing other than the fact that I'm not sure we've ever landed anyone from Lisbon. Anyone know for sure where...
  4. Re: Friday Way Off Topic - Favorite Iowa Foods

    I have a list of must haves when I visit:
    Breaded Pork Tenderloin from any small town cafe
    Tasty Tacos
    Casey's Taco Pizza (and/or Casey's pizza in general)
    Maid Rite (this is on the verge of...
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    Re: New Rules for 2015 Season

    Most of these changes I'm pretty 'Meh' about. Seems like tinkering for the sake of change and not things that were big problems. I thought the 5 count rule was already in place? if not, I am...
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    Re: New Rules for 2015 Season

    I've thought of this before and in theory I really like it. However, I do think implementation would be an issue. What do you do about re-shots? Does it have to be a clean break? There is a...
  7. Poll: Re: Poll: Which hot steaming pile of garbage on a tortilla do you prefer?

    Tasty Tacos does not belong with the others. I live out of state and have to make a point every time I'm back to get me some Tasty Tacos...they are the bomb. I do like me some Potato Ole's, but the...
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    Re: TJ Question

    This is absurd. Fred talked at length about the coaches he knew and how he would lean on them for advise. To think he would not do that for TJ is ridiculous.
  9. Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Monday, June 1 Open Thread

    While I do think JH is probably the best coach we have a shot at right now, I question if it's the best move long-term. If this last month made you up your anxiety medicine, Horny seems like he...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    Thank you. It's getting hard to tell around here!
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    What would you like him to do? The jobs are not open yet. Would you resign your job before you had another lined up? Forget that, before you even knew if another was available?
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    What in the F are you talking about? This is sarcasm right?
    Have you completely forgotten where we were when Fred took over?
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    Re: BLUM: The Mayor's dilemma

    I haven't read all 8 pages, but count me in the camp that thinks having a stellar team coming back makes it MORE likely that he will leave this year. Fred will want to make the transition as smooth...
  14. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    That Jake Varner guy wasn't too bad. Fanthorpe and Gallick stayed too, but had injuries derail their senior years.

    But you guys are right, that Cael took all the recruits. Namely David Taylor,...
  15. Re: ISU wrestling Analysis - Warning Long / Detailed - Post #2

    Interesting analysis. Minor quibble with the wrestlers you say Cael 'inherited' several of them (Varner, Fanthorpe, Cyler, Zabriske) did not commit because Bobby Douglass was the head coach, but...
  16. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    Is Tom Ryan a generational coach?

    There is more parity in wrestling today than there has been in years. To say we are 'stuck' is a defeatist attitude.
  17. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    You are wrong. What is making this board intolerable is yourself and others continually bashing NEICy instead of having legitimate conversations. He has asked nothing in this thread that is out of...
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    Re: Decision Time on Jackson

    Jesus! 7 Pages of bashing NEICy for a valid question. Who cares who posted it, KJ's track record speaks for itself. We are about to fall even further folks. The key cogs in the program the last 3...
  19. Re: Who else would LOVE to play Iowa in Sweet 16?

    ^ This right here. Anyone who says they'd rather play Gonzaga is nuts. The Zags have been overrated in the past, but they are a freaking scary team this year. They've got 3 guys over 6-10 that are...
  20. Re: Pre-NCAA Wrestling Championships Discussion're right. I was looking at it backwards on wrestlestats. Their other common opponents are very comparable, so who knows...
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