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    Re: Advice on my son's friend

    Unless you think he is gonna kill you in your sleep or something...

    I'd take him in and at the VERY least let his parents know where he is, and that he is safe. Then let the other stuff play out.
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    Re: Bo Ryan to retire in 1 year

    Can't they just promote Gard to HC and demote Bo (in title only) to an assistant? He then retires and Gard fills the assistant coach job after a job search...
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    Re: BREAKING: Prohm notches first commitment

    This is also what I want to know. Rhoadhoused has been persistent his opinion that we should have just banked the scholarship to give to a Juco or mid-year transfer. Ok then, that is fine. BUT WE...
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    Re: Sports Pet Peeves

    Haha... this is so true. I don't give two rips about any of these fools realignment scenarios.

    The problem is that this usually happens in a reasonably interesting thread an renders the...
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    Re: Things to not go "Cheap" or "Generic"

    Guitars... never skimp on a cheapo
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    Re: Number 1 song on the day you were born

    Isaac Hayes....

    Theme song from Shaft. I win.
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    Re: FAWcast: Kicking off the Steve Prohm era

    I just want to know who is slurping all of the time during the podcast. That gets annoying.

    Maybe have a slurp button like the cough button in a radio studio?
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    Re: Nick Nurse?

    As i posted before in another thread... click on the link to the...
  9. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Sunday, June 7 ***

    Is this for real? I hope it is...
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    Re: Why not Nurse?

    Ok... then how about the comments about dealing with a constantly changing roster (within the freaking season i might add) and winning the championship against other teams with borderline NBA talent...
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    Re: Why not Nurse?

    Click the link to the 15:35 mark and watch the video. Sounds like...
  12. Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Friday, June 5 ***

    I'm honestly good with any of the candidates that we know about. It is what it is.

    People seem to lose sight of the fact that Fred succeeded because he could sell his NBA contacts/experience. ...
  13. Re: SOURCE: Hornacek declines meeting with Iowa State

    I agree... Not blaming Chris or Jeremy or anybody. But to think that any of their sources are not aware of who they are talking to is misguided. As long as sources are "sources" and not names it's...
  14. Re: SOURCE: Hornacek declines meeting with Iowa State

    This kinda makes a bit of sense.... I believe the agent.

    He's doing his best to imply that JH WOULD have listened if the proper procedure was followed when contacting his client.

    JP had no...
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    Re: TJ bio . . .

    Of all those teams you mentioned that hired coaches... who would you pick to coach ISU? Honest question.
  16. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    Nobody needs to do either of those two things.

    I'm ****** off. It happens... it is what it is. You can tell me all you want about whatever your wall of text was about but it won't change how i...
  17. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    I think the effectiveness of that pitch was more diminished by him constantly being the one who was looking at NBA jobs, not players thinking they can't get to the NBA through ISU.

    Diallo and...
  18. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    It also coincides with Hoiberg being linked to every NBA job that came open the past two years.

    Look... if Otz is the guy, i'm with him 100%. Heck, whoever it is i'm behind them 100%.

    What I...
  19. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    I agree. People forget that LE didn't WANT to leave ISU. He wasn't seeking any other job he could get. We FIRED him. I am still wishing BVD would have given LE a sabbatical to get his ****...
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    Re: Hoiberg Watch 2015: Thursday, May 28 Thread

    Mine as well...

    I am with you man....
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