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    Re: Roth 401K or Traditional 401K

    I worked in the call center at Principal and had about 10,000 conversations with people on their 401k's before I moved to a different position. A few points

    1. There is no such thing as Roth...
  2. Re: Fox Sports article reviewing successes and failures of realignment

    That's probably an overstatement though. Just because you have 50% of the country geographically, doesn't mean you would be the #1 money conference in terms of revenue/team. The PAC12 net is way,...
  3. Re: Fox Sports article reviewing successes and failures of realignment

    A few thoughts:

    1. The SI article talks Texas and Nebraska helping kick things off, but what was the initial public quote that got them talking? It was the Missouri governor talking about the...
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    Comparing Conference Networks

    Interesting read to compare conference networks amongst each other and to other sports networks
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    Re: Favorite Moment on Cyclone Fanatic?

    It wasn't until "Let me Mayor Coach" that I felt like I really understood what CF was about. That and cyber going to the airport during the conference realignment thread. We all knew Larry Scott...
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    Re: CES 2015 - Sling TV

    Nice to be able to actually watch the games now on ESPN/2/U/News for those of us without cable! Love that you can drop this anytime
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    Re: Nice start Big 10

    Nothing says Big 10 like Rutgers coming through to save face for the B10 this bowl season
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    Re: College Gameday

    Here you go...

    * It appears that most of ESPN's College Gameday basketball schedule, especially the final two weeks, will be flexible selections. Looks like it starts on 1/17. All times...
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    Re: It could be worse (UAB)...

    Charlotte is joining C-USA next year. So they're still be 13 FB playing members in C-USA. I believe last year was Charlotte's first year of FCS football.
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    Re: TCU an 11:00 a.m. kick

    Full national broadcast. And unlike some other time slots throughout the day, there are essentially no competing games on TV. Only the C-usa championship (LA Tech v. Marshall) and a couple...
  11. Thread: Bowlsby on LHN

    by cyman05

    Bowlsby on LHN

    How is the Longhorn Network doing, and how does that impact your long-term plans for TV?
    The Longhorn Network is a boulder in the road. It really is. They did something that almost no other...
  12. TV info for S Carolina and ASU/MD BB games

    Saw TV info for these games in the Big 12 media guide

    Game on Nov 25 against either Arizona St or Maryland is on either ESPN3 or ESPNU depending whether we win/lose. Game will be either 6 or 8:30...
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    Re: Baylor Game Kickoff Time?

    TV guru Matt Sarz is guessing a 7pm kick national TV on FOX (not FS1 or FSN). Who knows if what it'll be though til tomorrow. 5 years ago the ISU-Baylor game would be the last game picked for TV on...
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    Re: Georgia State game on national TV

    It will be on fs1. Not announced yet
  15. Re: Dish Network won't air CFB on FS1 incl. NDSU game

    According to the Denver post, Dish and FS1 made a deal today.
  16. Re: Left out of ESPN's Big12 this week preview show?

    Not disagreeing with you on that point, but the preview is going to be primarily based on recent history and expectations for this year. A preview show isn't going to be a history of a team's...
  17. Re: Left out of ESPN's Big12 this week preview show?

    Pretty sure Arkansas and Kentucky are getting plenty of air time/mentions between the ESPN networks.
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    Re: NDSU favored by 2

    Looks like its moved to a pick 'em now.
  19. Re: MAILBAG: Post questions here (Football/Fall Camp Only)

    What do you think the biggest question marks about this team were heading into this year? Do you feel like there have been resolutions to any of those questions yet based off of what you've heard?
  20. Re: SEC Network launching in 91 million homes, largest network launch in cable histor

    This is the key. Just because it's available to 90 some million, that doesn't mean they all choose the expanded package to get it. Pac 12 net is available to 60 mil, but only 11 mil get it. BTN is...
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  • September 5, 2015
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