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    Re: FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

    Great and exciting game! O'hara is pretty cute.
  2. Re: Top 10 Dunks of the 2014-15 Iowa State Season

    Why don't you make a video that is based off of your own criteria instead of telling OP how to do his job?

    Nice work OP, loved the video.
  3. Re: Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in Okoboji

    There are condos at Bridges that you can rent, and they can be made into 6, 8, or 12 person rooms, I believe. The rooms come with a kitchenette and comes out to a decent price. I would look into it...
  4. Re: Rashad Vaughn has plans to enter the 2015 NBA Draft.

    I never get these types of posts. If you didn't want to hear people complain and have schadenfruede over RV, why did you come in here?
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    Re: Nick Babb has committed to Iowa State

    Man, watched that 4 times. You tend to forget those moments. So many great ones the past 5 years. Posterized smart too.
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    Re: Daniel Edozie Needs Our Help

    How can we be sure it's going to Daniel? Would love to donate.
  7. Re: *** Monte Morris NBA Analysis/Assumptions ***

    Knowing Monte and his mother, whatever his stats and projections end up being, I'm sure he will make the right decision. Fred will also be a great resource.
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    Re: Celebrity Crush?

    1. Emma Watson
    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Anna Kendrick
    4. Alex Morgan
    5. Natalie Portman
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    Re: NDSU at ISU Dec 1. oh ooooo

    Just an FYI- Iowa State only scored under 80 at home during the non-con one time last year and that was against UMKC where we had our scrubs in for half the game.
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    Re: CCL RECAPS: Matt Thomas goes off

    We certainly have some 3 point specialist options this year. I think Thomas taking a starting spot would be ideal, with perhaps Naz coming off the bench and still playing big minutes as I think MT is...
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    Re: Periscope for tonight's games?

    Following but not seeing anything. Am I doing it wrong?
  12. Re: FAWcast: Let's rid ISU of "Smoke on the Water"

    Pretty sure no college kid today could name an avenged sevenfold song. That hit tape was terrible.
  13. Re: FAWcast: Let's rid ISU of "Smoke on the Water"

    Maybe if we'd win a game after the cy-hawk series.
  14. Re: FAWcast: Let's rid ISU of "Smoke on the Water"

    Please, no. My buddies and I laughed so hard at that. It might work in Austin, but not in Ames.
  15. Re: FAWcast: Let's rid ISU of "Smoke on the Water"

    Yeah that's why I said it wasn't unique. If I had to guess though, 80% of fans wouldn't know that. I have aunts and uncles who cheer for CSU, Michigan, Lincoln, and Madison and they all associate...
  16. Re: FAWcast: Let's rid ISU of "Smoke on the Water"

    So like twice a year?
  17. Re: PODCAST SUMMER SERIES: Five favorite games

    Glad you guys discussed the McCarney game. You're right no one was there, but it was a special moment rushing the field and carrying off McCarney. He was clone to the bone.
  18. Re: PODCAST SUMMER SERIES: Five favorite games

    I'm a pretty big music fan and enjoy the intros. Different tastes I guess.
  19. Re: FAWcast: Let's rid ISU of "Smoke on the Water"

    Smoke on the water can go, but don't take Sweet Caroline. Sure, it's not a crowd pumping song and it's not original, but it's something all the students do together and for that alone we should keep...
  20. Re: *** ASST. COACH SEARCH THREAD: Wed, June 10th ***

    I hope it's that, because we should be throwing some money at these assistants.
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