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    Re: Bo Ryan to retire in 1 year

    Prohm to Wisky?
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    Re: Easiest Celeb to Hate

    I hate Captain Obvious.

    That being said, I watch very little TV outside of the morning news. We are constantly being blasted with Kanye, Kim, etc. without asking for it. The problem with them, is...
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    Re: Bike Recommendations

    Well, since this was bumped from almost a year ago, what did you decide on and how did it work out for you for the year you had it?
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    Re: American 'imports'

    That's actually kind of funny that someone even went after this. For how long did restaurants and bars list "Domestic" As Bud Light, Miller LIght and Coors light, then lump every other beer into...
  5. Re: Bulls select Arkansas forward Bobby Portis at #22

    Bulls, kid from Arkansas gets drafted, makes sense it's in the ISU Mens BBall forum.
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    Re: 1st Commitment

    Oh, I get it, don't take it the wrong way. It's just the classic beating a dead horse meme at this point. I just think this type of negativity should be reserved for the "Fire Rhoads" threads, not...
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    Re: 1st Commitment

    That can be said for just about any recruit, no matter how many stars. Granted, the average for higher star recruits is better that they pan out, it's still far from a guarantee. If stars equalled...
  8. Re: 16-bit computer processor is being built by hand, transistor by transistor

    Reminds me of this guy.
  9. Re: *** Monte Morris NBA Analysis/Assumptions ***

    Can i ask why you feel this way? It's an honest question,

    A. I don't follow the NBA at all.

    B, because I don't follow it, it gives me very little perspective on what would make a good NBA...
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    Re: Niang Heading To Nike Basketball Academy


    Honestly though, the Hawkeyes had pretty much peaked at the end of the previous season, while all other teams were getting better. That's what really hurt them.
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    Re: Car Buying Process

    I have stood up and walked away a couple of times that I had sat down with a salesman. I've never had a problem getting out of a chair and leaving. One time I was actually about ready to sign when...
  12. Re: VEGAS: Over/Under of 3 Wins for ISU Football in 2015

    You realize you are talking about ISU right? The only breaks go to the other team.
  13. Re: *** ASST. COACH SEARCH THREAD: Wed, June 10th ***

    Yup, after Hoiberg leaving, I don't put stock in anyone ever staying at ISU. IF he's successful and a bigger job opens up, he'll jump in a second. The only way I would see that change, is if he's...
  14. Re: Gary Player on Golf Channel ripping the US Open

    If I were to ever pay $300+ for a round of golf, I'd hope to get in as many strokes and take as long as possible, to get my money's worth.
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    Re: Finishing My Basement: Small Problem

    The issue with that would be the vapor barrier though. I definitely wouldn't put in loose insulation between a shower and a concrete wall without a vapor barrier in there. Sounds like you are in a...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Superpowers

    And get sued by someone you saved who wanted to die.

    I would like to be able to make my own beer... Oh, wait, I already do that.

    On a serious note, to teleport wherever I wanted instantly...
  17. Re: ESPN maybe not as essential as they would have you believe?

    Same here, I actually forget the ESPN family of channels exists until I see ISU schedule and we are playing on there.

    The last time I watched ESPN was when ISU last played on there.
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    Re: ***Official 2015 NHL Playoff Thread***

    I've never really paid attention to NHL contracts, but I really wonder what the difference in money is for some of these guys that switch teams, or if it's even allowed to take less money than you...
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    Re: ***Official 2015 NHL Playoff Thread***

    I've met John McDonough a couple of times, he goes to the same butcher I do. I see him in there a couple of times a year and the owner of the shop has a picture with him and John holding the cup from...
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    Re: Dusty Rhodes passes away.

    I was actually thinking while looking at that picture, "Damn, Dusty must have been a pretty big dude to even look that big next to Andre." I saw Andre in person on a couple of occasions, it seemed...
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