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    Re: Switching ATT iPhone 5 to Verizon.

    Iphones are both CDMA and GSM, both a Verizon Iphone and ATT Iphone have the same hardware. U.S. carriers however lock them to there own networks in the software and its crap. You don't run into...
  2. Re: David Irving Chiefs Rookie Camp KC Star Article

    Oh this ridiculous thing again, and lookie, its the same poster.
  3. Re: Pollard's comments from today's Tailgate tour stop re: Hoiberg

    Yeah, my cable's on the fritz, maybe this man can help.
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    Re: Woman gets tasered by border patrol

    Then be willing to wait for the drug dog and not be an ***.
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    Re: Reasons to be Optimistic

    You hear this argument so often and it is lame. It was the women's basketball coach and assistant that died, not a football coach. The player's didn't likely even know the coaches and many probably...
  6. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Its like all things government, too high a percentage of legislatures are lawyers. Where did they go to school? That's why this happens.
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    Re: Providence Transfer Tyler Harris

    That was the Milwakee Journal Sentinel that named him third team, notice where the coaches put him.
  8. Re: RECRUITING: Nick Noskowiak commits to ISU (story with quotes)

    “I have a great relationship with Coach Hoiberg as well but when Otz came back it was a deal sealer.”

    So for all the Matt A haters out there, maybe his leaving got us a top 100 point guard and...
  9. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    Hey, I'm 13 months younger than my older brother. It is possible.
  10. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    Obviously this won't happen, he should be in better health by the time the season rolls around than he was last year. What's the recovery period to be 100% from this operation. TJ could perhaps...
  11. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    You are off the deep end my friend.
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    Re: ESPN's Britt Mchenry's tirade

    No she has a brain, she said so right after the attendant told her she was being filmed.
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    Re: Interesting quote about uniforms...

    There you go its science. A player says he plays better if he likes his unis so it is so. Only question is, who will the Brown's play in the Superbowl this year?
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    Re: Best Vehicle With a Kid

    My 2002 Town & Country limited disagrees with you, no offense. My 09 Toyota Matrix burns oil like crazy and has many more problems. Old girl is still going strong though. Also, don't get a van...
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    Re: Deadly Walmart melee in Idaho

    No, but if you decide to get in a physical struggle with an officer or charge at an officer you are wide open to getting shot. Many an officer has been killed by their own gun conducting simple...
  16. Re: Anyone ever bought a car w/ a salvage title?

    Should pay around 60-70% of what it would be if it were not salvaged. Don't mess with flood damage, or any accident that caused the airbags to deploy. I've owned a couple and they've been a good...
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    Re: Not my favorite team....

    How can this not be your favorite team? I've never enjoyed a season more than this one.
  18. Re: *** Official Big 12 Championship #13 IOWA STATE vs #9 Kansas Game(day) Thread ***

    Who has lamps in there man cave. Unless its a lava lamp :-)
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    Re: Manipulatable Refs

    Not to mention the whole sequence started by Spangler's over the back, I'm sorry displacement, on Niang to get the rebound.
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    Re: McKay loves being a Cyclone

    Does it bother anyone else that McKay is constantly referred to as a Marquette transfer. I know he technically is, but he never played there, didn't even practice. He's an Indian Hills Jr. College...
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