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    Re: No Shining Moment??

    Let me get this straight. We're to the point now we're so used to kicks in the nads we feel jaded when our recent kick to the nads isn't celebrated by sports media?
  2. Re: Cyclone Nutcup Hall of Shame Games List

    You're looking at it wrong. I am a good will ambassador spreading the message of cardinal and gold to those west of Council Bluffs.
  3. Cyclone Nutcup Hall of Shame Games List

    I've been getting by the last few days with lots of humor. Let's do this while we're all down in the dumps. Maybe a bit cathartic. Get all the bad vibes out at once. Relive the ugly, laugh about it...
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    Re: You should root for UNI.

    Why do you care so much to have Cyclone fans supporting your team? To the point of coming on a fan message board to layout a detailed point by point reasoning why? As if people here are going to read...
  5. Re: what's worse? 2015 UAB or 2001 Hampton

    Hampton hands down. As others noted, high expectations, even better season, returned after the Michigan State loss the year before looking to make some noise, and we knew the cupboard was bare the...
  6. Re: GIFs, Memes, or Pictures Showing how you Feel after the Shocking Loss to UAB

    I went through all the emotions everyone here did. All of these memes are spot on.

    I got to come home to this. My little Cyclone girl! I hope she puts a smile on your face too. Puts life in...
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    Re: ku's hatred for us is hilarious

    HA this dude! Oh I love this one.

    I'm rooting for Iowa St. to lose in the 1st round. Their fans walked into our backyard with a new found cocky attitude, as if they were Kentucky or Ohio St....
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    Re: Best bracket you've had

    I was part of a group back home (in fact they're doing it tonight) that has been gathering for 30+ years for a player draft pool. Field a team of 20 made up of players from the field of 68. The...
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    Re: Most Annoying Fanbase Bracket

    For a second I was baffled Drake made a tournament.'s that Drake. Silly me.
  10. Re: Workplace Blackout of all Tournament access

    Looks like they have an iPhone app! Anyone used it before?
  11. Re: Workplace Blackout of all Tournament access

    For radio feed? Might be possible that way. Will try it out tomorrow. I sort of dropped figuring out more tech options once the meeting popped up this week. Will probably just keep CBS hoping for...
  12. Re: Workplace Blackout of all Tournament access

    Yeah I'll use the phone as much as I can. Wanted my nice big screen and all! And had it figured out!

    The amazing world we live in with our first world problems. I remember as a kid being ticked...
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    Re: I NEED this shirt. :)

    Is there a KU version that says "Tournaments are overrated"?
  14. Workplace Blackout of all Tournament access

    So I work at one of these places that puts into place a total blackout of sports (not just the tournament) access on our web traffic starting the first day of the NCAA tournament and usually the tech...
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    Re: Big 12 Tournament Observations

    Right! We've been using Hilton South since at least Tim Floyd days, that I can remember anyway. I had one KU lady ask me in P&L during the first half, "What is Hilton Magic?" I explained it. Her...
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    Re: Big 12 Tournament - Did Self Care?

    I did self care this morning. Shave, shower, change of clothes, lots of bacon, brushed my teeth. I recommend self care.
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    Re: P&L videos after beating KU

    I've been looking too. FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, nothing! Just the pep rally, stuff before the game, and plenty of pictures. I guess we all were too happy and ready to blow the lid off the...
  18. Re: You've got to be kidding me USA Today.

    In fairness their pie chart and bar graph department is amazing. I believe that's half their staffing.
  19. Re: *** Official #15 Oklahoma vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    All blame for first 15 minutes is on ESPN. We were simply playing as the logo they pinned on us during their pre-game.
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    Re: ISU vs. Texas Box Score Reaction

    Anyone seen one of the game flow charts for last night? I couldn't find it on ESPN. Would love to see how that looked.
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  • TV: TBD
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State vs. UNI
  • August 29, 2015
  • 06:00 PM