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    Re: Miles Bridges tweet

    Not exactly the kind of post I'd expect from a moderator.
  2. Re: Pollard's comments from today's Tailgate tour stop re: Hoiberg

    Jamie has done a great job at ISU and I'm a big supporter, but his comments today were rediculous. How does he benefit his basketball program by continuing to stir the Hoiberg to NBA pot? I just...
  3. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Check this out. Notice which Regent university president did NOT sign this letter? Pretty much says it all....
  4. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Actually, the governor is trying to get the Republican controlled House and the Democratic controlled Senate to approve the proposed change in funding (which links the amount of funding each...
  5. Re: Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Making jokes and sarcastic comments makes for enjoyable reading, but it doesn't change the situation. If you really want to do something meaningful about this situation, then please contact your...
  6. Iowa legislature gives ISU short end of the stick

    Once again, the Iowa legislature intends to give ISU and UNI the short end of the stick so they can give extra funding to Iowa.

    What's wrong with this picture?
    *Iowa, the university that ranks...
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    Re: 2015 Football Schedule

    One important fact of life I discovered a long time ago:

    Scoreboard settles every argument....unless it's with a Hawkeye fan.
  8. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    I'm confident that Fred will our head coach for a long time to come.
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    Re: Clayton Custer Transfering

    I like Clayton a lot but it seemed pretty clear that his lack of size and strength would make it difficult for him to be a significant contributor next year. The parting of ways is a good move for...
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    Re: Arrogant KU fans

    KU won't survive past this weekend. They're gonna lose to Wichita State, a team they refuse to play during the regular season.
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    Re: *** Official SELECTION SUNDAY Thread ***

    Will have to beat UAB, SMU, and Gonzaga to get to elite 8.
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    Re: Tinsley or Morris

    Why? Because you've proclaimed it so? Give me a break.

    I've always been a huge Tinsley fan, but Jamal never DEMOLISHED the NCAA's all-time assist to turnover ratio like Morris did (during his...
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    Re: Tinsley or Morris

    I'm no farmer, but I'll make this analogy. Tinsley is more the show horse and Morris is the more work horse. Both are incredibly incredibly valuable to their team.
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    Re: Where are we ranked on 3/9?

    Whatever ranking we have at the end the regular season, what Fred has done this season is nothing short of phenomenal. We lost 2 ALL AMERICANS from last year's team, including the Big 12 MVP. When...
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    Re: Where are we ranked on 3/9?

    We've moved up to 11 on RPI. The only ranking that matters to me is the seeding for the dance. Right now, we're looking at a 3 seed. We can move up to a 2 seed if we win the conference tournament,...
  16. Re: Floor Slappers vs we don't BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Oklahoma traveled before the tip in
  17. Re: COUPON: Over $500 off a custom Cyclone hoop from Goalsetter

    I'm seeing this now for the first time. Is it too late to get this deal?
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    Re: How great is this pic

    Put the 7 footer in the back of the plane. That's just mean.
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    Re: Throwin' It Down with Deonte Burton

    6' 4"?? Are you kidding me?? That is sick!! His hands are so huge!

    Just wait until next season when he does one of those power dunks. The roof will blow off Hilton. I cannot wait to see how...
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    Re: Kansas at West Virginia

    I want KU to win. I've conceded the Big 12 title to them and I don't want WVU to finish ahead of us.
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  • August 29, 2015
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