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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    Thank you. It's getting hard to tell around here!
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    What would you like him to do? The jobs are not open yet. Would you resign your job before you had another lined up? Forget that, before you even knew if another was available?
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    What in the F are you talking about? This is sarcasm right?
    Have you completely forgotten where we were when Fred took over?
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    Re: BLUM: The Mayor's dilemma

    I haven't read all 8 pages, but count me in the camp that thinks having a stellar team coming back makes it MORE likely that he will leave this year. Fred will want to make the transition as smooth...
  5. Re: PODCAST: An hour of ISU wrestling talk on KXnO

    That Jake Varner guy wasn't too bad. Fanthorpe and Gallick stayed too, but had injuries derail their senior years.

    But you guys are right, that Cael took all the recruits. Namely David Taylor,...
  6. Re: ISU wrestling Analysis - Warning Long / Detailed - Post #2

    Interesting analysis. Minor quibble with the wrestlers you say Cael 'inherited' several of them (Varner, Fanthorpe, Cyler, Zabriske) did not commit because Bobby Douglass was the head coach, but...
  7. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    Is Tom Ryan a generational coach?

    There is more parity in wrestling today than there has been in years. To say we are 'stuck' is a defeatist attitude.
  8. Re: Pretty sure KJ has another year left on contract...

    You are wrong. What is making this board intolerable is yourself and others continually bashing NEICy instead of having legitimate conversations. He has asked nothing in this thread that is out of...
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    Re: Decision Time on Jackson

    Jesus! 7 Pages of bashing NEICy for a valid question. Who cares who posted it, KJ's track record speaks for itself. We are about to fall even further folks. The key cogs in the program the last 3...
  10. Re: Who else would LOVE to play Iowa in Sweet 16?

    ^ This right here. Anyone who says they'd rather play Gonzaga is nuts. The Zags have been overrated in the past, but they are a freaking scary team this year. They've got 3 guys over 6-10 that are...
  11. Re: Pre-NCAA Wrestling Championships Discussion're right. I was looking at it backwards on wrestlestats. Their other common opponents are very comparable, so who knows...
  12. Re: Pre-NCAA Wrestling Championships Discussion

    133: Not real happy with #6 for Earl, but at least he didn't get screwed as bad as others. This division is a mess. Brewer at 13 and Schopp at 9 are ridiculous. That said, I wouldn't be surprised...
  13. Re: Five thoughts on the start of spring football

    I'm not sure what your agenda is, but you really don't need to go to any great lengths to convince this board that Richardson is not a great QB.
  14. Thread: BDJ

    by SouthJerseyCy

    Re: BDJ

    Do we really have 8 pages discussing why BDJ didn't play during one of the greatest halves of basketball ISU has ever played? We were rolling folks and Fred wasn't going to mess with that. I'm sure...
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    Re: College Wrestling Changes

    On this one, I share your concern about one wrestler going all Hawkeye and simply shoving his opponent rather than wrestling, but I feel there are strategies that the 'defensive' wrestler could use...
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    Re: College Wrestling Changes

    Interesting discussion. I'm normally not a fan of frequent rule changes, but I do think some things need to be tweaked in the interest of the sport.

    1. I like this, but share a concern about too...
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    Re: NWCA National Duals

    That whole thing was so poorly officiated. How it ended up 1-1 for the penalties was ridiculous. Then Gillman didn't even have an arm on the headlock reversal. That was an illegal hold also.
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    Re: ***WIsconsin Dual Gameday Thread***

    Incorrect. The 10 second advantage was for the WI wrestler. It didn't work out, but I think it was the right call to cut him.
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    Re: ***UNI Dual Gameday Thread***

    Seriously, you guys need to stop. It's poor form. This was not an upset, everyone knows UNI is down this year. You get that in wrestling with only 9.9 scholarships. However, they have a strong...
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    Re: Anyone think of this?

    Not to downplay the significance of 4 straight tourney's but we did have a run of 5 out of 6 years between Orr and Floyd. Of course, the Mayor had something to do with that run also. :smile:
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