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    Re: Iowa Opens as 5.5 Point Favorite

    People won't like hearing this, but Vegas would have Iowa as a slight favorite on a neutral court with both teams at full strength. They don't follow the 'top 25' that the media uses. Their numbers...
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    Re: Season tickets?

    The guy I get tickets from when I come back for a game isn't renewing his 12 season tickets. Many we tailgate with are not either (I'd guess 35-40%). I can't blame them as this was the first year I...
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    Re: Caption this photo....

    Guess I'm the only one who wishes we had fans that got dressed up like this guy? Takes a hell of a lot of dedication to put that ensemble together, not to mention I'm guessing it either cost a pretty...
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    Re: Scherff to play

    We don't need those guys out, but I like winning, and I'd much rather see them starting a 265 pound redshirt freshman LT than a potential 1st round pick.
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    Scherff to play

    Saw a Hawkeye buddy retweeting a post from. Marc Morehouse stating Scherff will be playing today, though how much is unknown. Sounds lime their starting DE that was in an accident earlier this week...
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    Re: CFTV: Mangino scouts the Hawks

    Unfortunately I'm not sure we have the pieces for Sam to just be a piece of the offense and let it do what it does. When you have a team full of playmakers, that's easy to do. When you have a team...
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    Re: Iowa State walks out with a win IF...

    I just don't get the whole 'we need to make them throw the ball' mentality this year. Iowa has chucked the ball all over the damn place with a very high completion percentage. This seems to be one of...
  8. Re: Iowa (-14) favorite over Iowa State per Ken Miller

    Why exactly do you think Iowa will be running the ball all day? Without looking it up, I'd guess they've been throwing the ball 65% of the time so far this year. The box scores I've seen after each...
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    Re: Betting on sports

    Every week I usually have about 1k in places bets through an online book. So far so good this year
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    Some good news......

    It can't get any worse than this, right? Unless Kansas were to stomp us by 50, I don't think their could be another game as disheartening as this past Saturday. So in my book it's all uphill from...
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    Re: Dear Media and "Journalists"...

    Coach R... Losing to a 1-AA team is usually a fluke. When it happens back to back seasons it's a trend. Can you elaborate on the state of the program and how we got to is point? Also, what do you...
  12. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    Sorry if I don't see the potential everyone else does. Maybe a few years down the road the DT position will be solid, but I fear this year we will see other teams RB's gaining 6-7 up the middle on a...
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    Re: Football updates

    I know a few of the kids who work with the team and from what I'm told they are hopeful that the pieces they have will come together this fall, however the team is still a 'work in progress' (what...
  14. Re: RECRUITING: Top in-state prospect commits to Cyclones

    I guess what I was trying to say is there seems to be no overlap in offers to this point. Is it that we already knew some of these kids were Iowa bound and figured it was pointless?
  15. Re: RECRUITING: Top in-state prospect commits to Cyclones

    Is there not much talent in-state this year? I see Iowa hasn't offered this kid, however has offered 2-5 on the rivals rating list for the state. On the flip side, we've not offered any of those...
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    Re: Meet the Bagman

    Those who think RV went to the highest bidder should step and realize what that says about us finishing second.......
  17. Re: *** Official Oklahoma State at Iowa State Game (Day) Thread ***

    Game went out on me. WTF!?!?!?!?
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    Re: DeAndre Kane good guy again.

    How do you know Kane misused the word your?
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    Re: In state recruiting for 2015 class

    Sounds like the offer is at QB. Lots of good OL talent in this class. I'm very confused why we are waiting so long on offers. As someone else stated, if Iowa can evaluate one thing it's OL. And that...
  20. Re: Any Marriott fans? Honeymoon question

    I forgot the link to Wali Nikiti:

    Wali Nikiti
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  • August 29, 2015
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