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    Re: Clayton Custer Transfering

    Watched him play several times down here and his high school is a couple blocks from my house, so I was interested in his development and impact. Not completely shocked by it given the way that...
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    Re: Congratulations to Kyven Gadson

    Amazing season and an excellent career. Well done!
  3. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    LOL, we are Iowa State. Unreal.
  4. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    It's over.
  5. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Niang forcing it. Just like all day.
  6. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Niang is playing horrible and still no one wants to rebound.
  7. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Playing so dumb. Disappointing.
  8. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    He's been to bowl games, with staffs that were worse than this, so the 'Next Level' is in place from that standpoint. He just needs to live up to what he's already attained and solidify. As I've...
  9. Re: DeVondrick Nealy and Tad Ecby (Officially) No Longer with ISU

    Sounds like cancer surgery to me.
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    Re: Hakeem Butler Offered

    Looks like a good athlete and great edge blocker. I could see him being a possession/red zone jump ball type of guy or even an H-back type depending on how his body develops in the S&C program. You...
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    Re: Jomal Wiltz Commits

    Clearly can't have too much speed in the secondary and we've had some attrition and lack of development there. Looks like he has major speed and some versatility in terms of position as well as...
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    Re: SDW is transferring

    Always liked him and appreciated his work ethic and being a good teammate. Wish him the best wherever he lands and will be pulling for him there.
  13. Re: Rob Gray: How Kamari Cotton Moya found out about Big 12 award

    Cool story. He was just about the lone bright spot on maybe the worst defense I've ever seen an ISU team field. Mutcherson is good also, but I think Cotton-Moya could be a pro in time.
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    Re: Huskers hire.... Mike Riley?

    Yeah, and the personality and public persona or public relations factor seems to point to wanting a more 'friendly face' to represent them. This is something I find a little odd, because I always...
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    Re: Huskers hire.... Mike Riley?

    Interesting. I think it's not necessarily an upgrade from Pelini, but we will see. The rationale is probably something along the lines of "If he's done that at Oregon State, imagine what he could...
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    Re: Charlie Rogers to Minnesota

    I'm sure he had issues with redshirting when we could have been playing, and was probably told he needed it. Then Tribune comes in and starts as a true freshman. I don't know a thing about what it...
  17. Re: Farniok: Critical fans 'don't know what they're talking about'

    His clarifying tweet and with the full context of his quote provided, things become so much clearer. I was puzzled at first by his comments. Something didn't add up. Now it's clear that he's taking...
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    Re: Pollard backs Rhoads

    I've had similar thoughts on how much of an over-reach that contract extension was, and how irrationally optimistic it seemed at the time. And this was in the face of really believing that Rhoads...
  19. Re: RECRUITING: 6 JUCO defensive players visiting

    It's McCarney-esque. When there's desperation in the air, prepare to see the good ol' JUCO Flyer. Half will not show up or wash out in Fall camp. #notimpressed
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    Re: 2015 Football Schedule

    Couldn't ask for a better setup to give your program a chance at momentum. Will we take advantage of it? History tells us, in all likelihood, NO we will not. A bad start - worse than 3-2 - and...
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