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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    I guess when you're as terrible as the Brewers then 4-2 counts against a team is "owning" them. If that plays out over the course of the entire 19 game season series, then you could us that bold...
  2. Re: Looks like another Iowan will be QB'ing at K-State ...

    To be fair though NO ONE recruited this kid outside of K-State.

    Waters had some legit D-1 offers out of Iowa Western, so the gripe is more legit with him. Ertz was K-State and no one else, so it's...
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    Re: KC/Oakland Series

    Simple breakdown of it all.

    1.) Lawrie's slide was bad, started the whole thing.
    2.) Lawrie took his beaning and showed no reaction, but Ventura coming towards Lawrie escalated things...
  4. MLB: Re: ****LETS GO ROYALS!!! 2015 October Repeat!****

    Pretty easy from a neutral observer's standpoint. This season its obvious they are constantly looking for a fight as motivation.
  5. MLB: Re: ****LETS GO ROYALS!!! 2015 October Repeat!****

    Royals are trying to be the Seahawks of the MLB. Talk a lot of ****, constant drama, instigate and continued lame antics from the likes of Ventura in particular.
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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    Pat is with Ron Coomer now. Ron's not the best, but Pat Hughes alone can carry a broadcast spectacularly (he often did with Santo too).
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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    I'm with you on this one. IMO Brenly was hack. Len and JD is a better pairing, but they don't come close to Pat and Ron.

    Also, couldn't stand Brenly's irrational hate of Starlin Castro. That guy...
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    MLB: Re: ***Chicago Cubs 2015 Season***

    LaTroy was in vintage form from his Chicago days! Seriously good win though. Very important to get off to a decent start this year and some late inning comeback wins are great confidence builder for...
  9. Re: ***Official 2014-2015 NHL Regular Season Thread***

    Winnipeg Jets 2.0 back in the playoffs. That's what I'm hyped about!

    Guarantee the atmosphere in Winnipeg will be on of the best (if not the best) of any playoff team
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    CF Nutcups

    All this talk on Twitter and the FAWcast about the CF nut cups being ready to sell today. Where they at CW?!
  11. Re: WVU vs UK-Will a WVU player foul out in first half?

    I agree with some others. If the refs let this one get a little physical (which they have a tendency to do sometimes in WVU games) it could be one hell of a game. WVU might be the first team UK has...
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    Re: Recruiting information?

    That's quite the pessimist's view point. Diallo is being recruited because he is flat out stud and one of the best high school seniors in the nation. He's going to get minutes at any school he's...
  13. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    So I know Judoka kind of rattled off some of the key players in our lineup next year but does anyone have preliminary guess of what our full lineup might be next year?
  14. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    WOW. That's gotta all but take Iowa out of it now right?
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    Re: Darian Williams is going to kill it

    Darien was set to be THE top Juco before the injury. Kid is a flat out stud.
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    Re: I'm struggling with this -

    Gets worse as the day goes on. Hell, Hampton gets worse every time I see/hear anything about that game. This one will be the same way.

    Only way to fix it is to come out next year and win the whole...
  17. Re: ***2015 NCAA Wrestling Championships Gameday(s) Thread***

    Boy that was nice by Gadson. After a tough start to the day it was good to see Earl and Kyven stay alive in the championship side of things
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    Re: ku's hatred for us is hilarious

    Love it. Was thinking of starting a similar thread. Is it just me, or does anyone else absolutely LOVE that this team/fanbase that they claim to care nothing about makes them so freaking mad? It's...
  19. Re: What are the upsets you see in this tournament (All Rounds)

    In fairness, nothing is crazy talk in March Madness! I do see this having potential though. Eastern Washington can REALLY score they ball. They are allergic to defense, but if they get hot look out....
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    Re: Don't get too excited

    The thing that's scary about SMU is size. Moreira and Kennedy are big boys. Of course there is no easy road in the tourney. Let get it going and lets do the damn thing!
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