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    Re: - is this what it has come to?

    Your story is almost like mine was. Except I went to the buckle. Dropped 800 on new clothes. I thought I would be ready for a new relationship but i wasn't. In fact once I realize d how easy it was...
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    Re: Cincy Home and Home?

    I wish we could have scheduled someone other then Colorado. Some place that we recruit like Minnesota and Michigan and our players can get up for. I'd even take Illinois as an opponent over Colorado.
  3. Re: Places to watch the Mayweather-Pacman fight

    Chris Williams is showing the fight. He is just charging a case of Busch light to come over.
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    Re: Pacquiao v. Mayweather

    Boxing sux. Could careless about this fight and won't watch a second of it.
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    Re: Abdulhakim Ado

    There is immidiate playing time at that position so lets hope we can land someone of top caliber. Go get him Otz.
  6. Re: Predictions on the Commitments that come out of the weekend visits?

    Is it just me or are all these transfers underwhelming? I'd rather just take NN and hold the other ships for something really good.
  7. Who was Steve Lavin's primary recruiting coach?

    Wouldn't it make sense to get that guy ( if available) to fill Matts spot. I'm really hoping for a strong recruiter.
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    Re: It's on Fred

    To the OP. I have thought the same thing about each thing you outlined. IMO you are right on.
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    Re: ***WVU vs. UK Sacrificial Ceremony***

    Nobody is getting risky enough. The probability of WV winning is like 1 in 1000 if that.
    I will run 1 mile in a banana hamick down 1st Street in Ankeny during peak traffic time. With a WV flag as...
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    Re: Elephant in the room

    Last year Ejim and DeAndre Kane were the leaders of the team. No body as hard or competitive as those
    two on this team now. When you heard Ejim would throw balls at people in practice for screwing...
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    Re: Site Notice: This Is Your Only Warning

    He doesn't own the website. I know the owners. Jeremy sold it to them.
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    Re: Site Notice: This Is Your Only Warning

    You don't deserve to be a moderator for deleting some threads that you have. I guess I'm assuming it was you since you are the one that posted this thread.

    I posted a thread on brain dead play...
  13. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Game day threads suck!
  14. Re: This Team plays brain dead for spurts

    1 play doesn't make you brain dead. 6 with in 6 minutes do.
  15. This Team plays brain dead for spurts

    Some of the fouls and passes are just plain frustrating.
    McKay has 0 inside moves and they have like 5 turnovers trying to force the ball to him. Then when he finally gets the ball at point blank...
  16. Love the rule changes they made for the NIT. Really hope this causes change.

    Shot clock is 30 seconds and the arc under the basket is 4ft (normally 3 ft). Good job out of them to create offense.
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    Re: Nooooo, say it aint so Joe!

    I've watched a few SMU games and I'm very concerned. They are legit.
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    Re: I better not hear one excuce....

    100% right on.
  19. Re: Need a assistant coach to chew som a** on defense

    Several people on CF have mentioned not being happy with Doc's replacement hire by Fred. I have to side with them. As smart as Fred is that was a screw up. Should have got a a coach that could help...
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    Re: I better not hear one excuce....

    Georges should have been benched a lot earlier. He was ice cold and made some horrible inbound passes and passes period that resulted in turnovers.
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