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  1. Re: WBB considering switch from halves to quarters

    Sorry, I should have explained my reasoning better. My gut feeling is the 3rd quarter (1st 10 min of 2nd half) is the most poorly officiated part of the CBB game. I don't have stats to back it up...
  2. Re: WBB considering switch from halves to quarters

    I like it. Hope the men move towards changing it too. I don't know if it changes the strategy that much but the biggest thing is making the games more similar in length and not having as many last...
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    Re: Another reason BYU wants in ...

    So does the Big 12 getting shut out of the playoff not cost anything? And actually benefit by having another team in a non-playoff bowl?
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    Re: Friday OT - Cartoon Your Life?
  5. Re: Is there a Dr in the house? What's going on?

    A possible issue is BP cuff size. The cuff may not have fit as properly before or they went to a smaller size now. I also know that I have noticed a tendency to put the cuff on more snug with...
  6. Thread: DH Rule

    by LivntheCyLife

    Poll: MLB: Re: DH Rule

    I wish there was a way to have a DH for the first 5 innings and not after that. I like the strategy of the pitcher batting but hate watching NL pitchers work their way around the bottom of the...
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    Re: Pollard To Discuss His Future Outlook

    No Ditka?
  8. Re: News release: Hoiberg to undergo open heart surgery

    Unfortunately, I don't think Eliquis or Xarelto are approved for people with mechanical valves.
  9. Re: News release: Hoiberg to undergo open heart surgery

    That's great. Sorry you had to go through it. Best wishes with the rest of your recovery and for good health for many years to come.
  10. Re: News release: Hoiberg to undergo open heart surgery

    Just curious, was this open or minimally invasive? If it was open, I'm impressed.
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    Re: Deadly Walmart melee in Idaho

    My interpretation is the first responding officer (the one on the right/center behind the group, his partner is on the left) is in charge and goes to detain and make an arrest at the 0:32 mark once...
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    Re: Deadly Walmart melee in Idaho

    For those wondering why the scene might have been so confrontational from the start of the video. This article says,

    The redactions make the document difficult to understand in parts, but it...
  13. Re: ESPN Insider: Cyclones currently "best bet" to win national title in 2015-16

    Yeah, I can't really see how this is a good bet right now. After the top recruits start getting hyped after they've chosen, I would be very surprised if you can't get better than 15-1 odds for ISU...
  14. Re: Raveling to the HOF (compared to Johnny)

    In looking into this, it appears he's not going in as a coach but rather as a "contributor".

  15. Re: Georges Niang Officially Returning for Senior season

    I'm excited to see Georges come back. If he works out as hard this offseason as he did last offseason but doesn't have to focus as much on losing weight but rather putting on muscle, I think he...
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    Re: Presale for NCAA in Wells Fargo in 2016

    I bought Syracuse regional tickets in advance this year since the MSG tickets last year were really expensive after Iowa State was placed in the east and got there. Now of course, this year it's...
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    Re: Why was our game so empty?

    UK's game tipped off at 10:15pm while the ISU game tipped off at 12:40pm. That's a long day of basketball. Not surprised they wouldn't make it a priority to be there for the start of the ISU game.
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    Re: Next Years Team

    Some thoughts heading into next year:

    1) For all the talk of depth and talent on this year's team, it really wasn't possible to give teams very many different matchups. Basically had a bench...
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    Re: Tickets are $7 on StubHub

    Anybody else worried about the early start tomorrow? Likely to be a late-arriving crowd and possibly some empty seats. I'm maybe even more concerned for Saturday if ISU wins tomorrow. Same session...
  20. Re: If you could go back in time and add a past Cyclone player to this year's team...

    It's either Grayer or Fred for me.
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