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  1. Re: I-35/80 & IA 141 Interchange Reconstruction Options

    Truck traffic entering I-80 eastbound from 2nd Avenue and the highway 69 exits have to cross three lanes of traffic to exit left to 35N in relatively short distance. The highway 69 entrance ramp is...
  2. Re: I-35/80 & IA 141 Interchange Reconstruction Options

    They can do the east mixmaster after that interchange.
  3. Re: Washington's Lorenzo Romar on TJ Otzelberger's Departure

    Didn't take time to read all the posts, my guess is TJ's wife is pregnant, wanted to be closer to family/support network. That and all the other good things that come with being in Ames/Iowa State!
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    Re: Graduate Assistant Day Gone?

    As of earlier this week, he retweeted some ISU football stuff...with that said, doesn't mean he hasn't moved on to the next thing. His tweets don't give any insight as to if a move is taking place
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    Re: Interesting tweets from Travis Hines

    My frustration with the team is that some players seem to lack awareness or a basketball IQ. I stopped counting the number of times we would defend for 25 -28 seconds then committ a bad foul with...
  6. Thread: Sleep Test

    by tplumm

    Re: Sleep Test

    I could not stand the masks so I got the type that has nasal pillows and just runs above your lip/below your nose. It seemed less intrusive and took about two weeks to get used to. Can't imagine...
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    Re: Why LHN/ for ISU/Texas? Pollard has a plan

    For anyone considering a subscription to for this weekend, if you are looking to purchase apple TV in the process, I have one that I will sell you for $75. I bought it last year for...
  8. Re: I say we we win these 5 games and become Bowl eligible

    Unless the offense starts putting up more points, wins will be limited. I like how the team is improving, but without significant offense point production improvement, KU is the only sure win in my...
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    Roof repair recommendation in Ankeny

    Can I get recommendations on a trusted individual or business to make a small roof repair? I am fairly certain I have a leak that has developed around a plumbing vent pipe. I expect it is a small,...
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    Re: CFTV: Wally Burnham talks practice No. 1

    My favorite comment of Wally's was a few years ago when he compared the defense to a bunch of puppies. Said something like... they have lots of energy and can do some really good things, and then...
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    Re: One of my worst days ever...

    Condolences. Same thing happened to me earlier this year. Words of advice. If an outplacement service was offered by your former employer, take advantage of it. They will help you with your...
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    Re: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    I really like Fallon and what he is doing on the show, but he does one thing that really bothers me. Ever notice that he has a terrible habit of talking over his guests during interviews? There are...
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    Re: Getring ready to do Garage Floor. Advice?

    I have been thinking of doing the same to my garage. Over the years the slab has pitted a bit in spots. The pitting is minor, but I assume I would want these spots cleaned well and apply the...
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    Re: I Come in Peace...

    Wow, good call on the score. Will send you money to buy lottery tickets!
  15. Thread: First Concert?

    by tplumm

    Re: First Concert?

    Was at that concert too. To this day Bon Jovi's Rouliette is one of my favorite songs....but never liked anything that followed their debut album. I knew they would be huge before long.
  16. Re: Friday OT - What TV show/movie would you live in for a week?

    I always thought living in a place like the town and people portrayed in Northern Exposure would be a hoot.
  17. Re: Win more FREE ISU shirts! (CF sponsor Kagavi having another contest!)

    Sign me up!
  18. Re: Songs Pairs - What songs should always be played together?

    CYlent Bob, you must have excellent musical tastes!
  19. Re: Songs Pairs - What songs should always be played together?

    The Kings - The Beat Goes On / Switchin' to Glide
    April Wine - I Like to Rock / Say Hello
    Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me / Sing Me Away
    The Cars - You're All I've Got Tonight / Bye Bye...
  20. Thread: Equipment Sale?

    by tplumm

    Equipment Sale?

    Several years ago they had an athletic equipment sale Veisha weekend. Took a look at both and the Veisha website, neither mentioned any sale. I did a quick search of the message boards...
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