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    Re: OCD quiz

    My score = 10%
    Wife's score = 90%

    My adjusted score = 90%
  2. Re: Do JTS upgrades really give us a big boost?

    And this was probably 10 minutes before kickoff.
  3. Re: PODCAST: Jeff Woody on Iowa State Football

    He said Warren could be an all-time great but Brown will start. Weird.
  4. Re: And now starts the agonizing five month hiatus of watchable sports

    NHL and NBA start their seasons for real. Perfect timing. Then after that it's fishing season.
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    Re: Coach Matt A

    Exactly. The salesman might be gone but the selling points are still here.
  6. Re: If you could go back in time and add a past Cyclone player to this year's team...

    I gotta go with Grayer. They guy could defend, rebound, drive, and score on anyone anytime he felt like. I don't think people know or remember just how explosive he was. He was like a Fizer but with...
  7. Re: If you could go back in time and add a past Cyclone player to this year's team...

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    Re: Chest Hair Maintenance

    OMG you thilly goosth. Thaved is the only way to go girlfriend!
  9. Re: A season after... Does Melvin Ejim's jersey still deserve to be in the rafters?

    Melvin is a fisherman? Hang it.
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    Re: Think about leaving?

    My wife asked me once during an Iowa thrashing "why are you still watching this?"
    "So they'll win next year" I replied.

    And they did. All because I didn't turn the channel the year before.
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    NFL: Re: Concept Helmets

    Big improvement on the TN helmet. They gotta do away with that flaming Christmas ball they have now.

    The giant oval logos don't work.. SF and GB
  12. Poll: Re: Would you trade the win at Iowa for a win at Tech?

    I never understood the reasoning.... "on one hand you don't have to hear it from Hawk fans"

    Since when has a hawk fan EVER shut up or admitted defeat? I don't know how it is down there but in NW...
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    Re: The Painful Cyclone Realization

    Although I didn't agree with the article, I want to congratulate you on pursuing your interest in writing. Also good job in taking the criticism in stride (or at least it appears you have). You gotta...
  14. Re: Did the 1999-2000 team benefit from a weak conference schedule?

    Here's the thing. Everyone else had to play that "weak" conference schedule too. So the number of wins ISU had to get too was higher. Yes, the conference is stronger now but the champ win total will...
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    Re: Strategy with 4.7 seconds left

    I would have liked to see Georges throw a forearm into the defenders. Probably could have gotten an open floater.
  16. Re: Who is our #1 rival? (Not including iowa)

    Wait a minute... we can partial jimlaad?
    (partial jimlaad)
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    Re: BB gun or Soft air pellet gun?

    You want one you can pump multiple times like the Daisy in the picture. Get one that pumps from the lever instead of the...
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    Re: kind of a weird question

    The Iowa DNR treats it as littering, a simple misdemeanor. So I suppose it would be the same for city ordinance. But either way, like everyone else here is saying, this should never be done....
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    Re: The Terrorists Have Won...

    duh, just view the movie at an anti-gun theater. Terrorists won't be allow to bring their weapons in. Problem solved.:jimlad:
  20. Re: Farniok: Critical fans 'don't know what they're talking about'

    ALRIGHT! EVERYONE WHO ISN'T A WEB DESIGNER NEEDS TO GET OFF THIS SITE RIGHT NOW! You obviously shouldn't have a web based opinion if you don't know how php works.
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