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    Re: ***Official 2015 NHL Playoff Thread***

    Stanley Cup time is just so great every year. For me it's a close 2nd to the NCAA tourney for best playoff in all of sports. Just so exciting.

    if Patty Dangles is anywhere near 100% in his return...
  2. Re: What is the saddest movie plot you can think of?

    I believe theres a "100 years of cyclone football" documentary that airs on CyTV like once a week.

    pretty much the saddest movie I can think of
  3. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    I'm assuming he's talking about cash renting it and an annual return of $300/acre.

    He must have to come back to Iowa for income because he cant hack it elsewhere...
  4. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    but would they just be writing that check because they had no other option?
  5. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    So you live in NW Wisconsin, but look down your nose at the entire state of Iowa? As if the diversity and "culture" of Eau Claire, or wherever you are, is so far beyond what any of us simpletons in...
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    Re: petty annoyances

    Crossfit people.

    We get it, you do Crossfit. Congrats. You don't need to tell everyone you meet about it and live stream your workouts on FB.
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    Re: petty annoyances

    I feel you shouldn't have to use a turn signal if you are in a dedicated turning lane. I do, because rules, but it seems unnecessary
  8. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    I don't think he's saying Iowa is dead, I think he's saying that a good portion of rural Iowa is dying. Just looks at the population decline of rural towns in the state and it confirms that...
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    Re: Deadly Walmart melee in Idaho

    this will be a complete non issue in the media. you know, because white people were all involved.

    Unless of course super crazy liberals change their attack on cops now to "police hate both...
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    Re: Is your house well-styled?

    "Well styled" is all in the eye of the beholder.

    I work for a company that specializes in flooring and interiors and I can tell you that 90% of people's homes wouldn't be considered "well styled"...
  11. Re: Breaking: Fred is leaving....(April Fools)

    I wish I could place a whoopi cushion under you right now
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    Re: Frozen Four - UNO

    this years tourney has been pretty wild. Lots of big time programs getting knocked off by the little guys. HAs been fun to watch. UND or Boston have to be favorite to win, but Omaha has had a good...
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    Re: Barnes' Stormers

    Those are the oil tycoons. They do that every year at the big XII tourney and have done so for years. Their seats are normally better than the were this year. Oil prices down I suppose?
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    Re: Fall honeymoon options?

    if you're going all inclusive tropical (Mexico, Carribean, Dominican, etc.) it's more so about the quality of resort IMO than it is actual location.

    for a week for two, expect $3500-$4000 w/...
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    Re: **** Official Transfer List '15 ****

    I could have told you that the day you hired bruce weber
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    those boos will be super loud when we're getting trucked by UNI!
  17. Re: Lets sign a petition to rename Ames, IA to Hoiberg, USA

    true, and yes they absolutely did.
  18. Re: Ames Iowa to become officially known as "Hoiberg USA"?

    why wouldn't this be a good idea?
  19. Re: Ames Iowa to become officially known as "Hoiberg USA"?

    can we build a moat around it?
  20. Re: Ames Iowa to become officially known as "Hoiberg USA"?

    serious post is serious

    I'll make sure to jimlad harder in the future, to avoid confusion
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