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    Re: Season ticket renewal numbers

    FWIW I was in the ticket office last week and was told that ticket sales and renewals are on the same pace that they were the last 2 years at this point. What they are unsure/concerned of however is...
  2. Re: Recommended Handgun Retailers - Des Moines

    Just bought one from Bass Pro about a month ago. I knew what I wanted going in but the gentlemen that sold it to me seemed fairly knowledgeable. Also had a pile of gift cards saved up so it was an...
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    Re: Win $100 TONIGHT, plus a thank you!

    162 ..
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    Re: 2015 Young Adults Football Tickets

    They were $225 last year, so they also saw the same $50 increase. Glad to hear that they are keeping this program as eliminating it would have probably priced us out of getting tickets. I can afford...
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    Re: Reddit Rival Color Swap Big12

    Oklahoma's crimson could make for some pretty sweet uniform combos if they would go away from the plain, bland style.

    I thought TCU in Baylor's colors looked sharp as well.
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    Re: Juaun Wesley Arrested

    That's because .08 is the law. That's not trigger happy, that's doing their job.
  7. Re: *** Official Oklahoma State vs #17 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Its there but its blacked out in Iowa
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    Re: Excel help - comparing lists

    Conditional formatting is the easiest. Highlight the two columns and select the function to "Highlight duplicate values". Anything that isn't highlighted would be your number that only appears once.
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    Re: Florida vs We don't boo

    Cliff Alexander looks like he is 40 years old
  10. Re: *** Official #18 ARKANSAS vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Did Musberger just refer to Fred as Father Flanagan?
  11. Re: *** Official #18 ARKANSAS vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Starting on ESPN News right now
  12. Re: Another Lost Recruit: Xavier Pegues Flips to WVU

    Same guy, he visited WVU after committing to us. Not shocked at all as this has been rumored for a week or so. Claimed he liked WVU for their 3-4 and immediate playing time (as if he wouldn't have...
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    Re: FSN on DirecTV

    Best guess is Fox Sports Midwest - Ch. 671
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    Re: Chili Recipes

    What does everyone use for thickening their chili? I'm a big fan of thick, hearty chili rather than tomato soup with beans and meat in it, but haven't quite mastered the best way to thicken it.
  15. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Kansas Gameday Thread***

    So where are all the people that wanted Rohach all year?
  16. Re: *** Official Viterbo vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I believe you mean tough as rain.
  17. Re: *** Official Viterbo vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Check the edit.
  18. Re: *** Official Viterbo vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    BDJ makes it look easy. Not sure why but I just don't get the feeling he is quite the "team" player we are used to seeing, but man he is good.

    Edit: I should say I don't mean that negatively. Just...
  19. Re: *** Official Viterbo vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Daniel Freaking Edozie!
  20. Re: Week 11 Pick'em - Chance to win a Kegorator!

    Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5)
    Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah
    Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5)
    Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU
    West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas
    Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5)
    Kanas State @ TCU (-5.5)...
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