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  1. Re: Just what is our program becoming known for?

    What do you suggest we or Fred do about it?

    Rough stretch, sure. Overall, I've been impressed with the lack of issues during Fred's tenure given the history of some of the transfers he's brought...
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    Re: Season ticket renewal numbers

    Any Cardinal or Gold level donors been invited to select seats in the SEZ? I traded 2 balcony side tickets for 4 in the end zone, but haven't been contacted yet for seating. Getting a bit antsy.
  3. Re: No Chicago Cubs games on TV for Mediacom Central Iowa viewers?

    What package do you need to have to get the Chicagoland games in central Iowa? I assumed there wasn't any way to see the WGN local and ABC7 games.

    Edit: Never mind. Just realized they're on...
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    Re: Fred Hoiberg's future on SC

    Oh, man. I committed myself to reading this thread, post-by-post, against my better judgement. I'm so happy I did! HAHAHA!
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    Cost of Attendance changes

    Didn't see this posted anywhere. I had a feeling this was going to be a bad thing for Iowa State, and these early numbers don't give me warm-fuzzies. Shows the expected disparity between schools...
  6. More talent, and a chip on their shoulder

    I think that's what will define the '15-16 Cyclones.

    As for this year's squad, they got what they had coming given their inconsistency. Unfortunately, it reared its ugly head at the worst time. ...
  7. Re: A conference title would have been sweet, but...

    And possibly two consecutive seasons as a 3 seed in the NCAA tourney. I'll take it.
  8. A conference title would have been sweet, but...

    We improved on our league record and conference tourney seed in a season where the Big 12 was as tough as ever. That is a tremendous accomplishment. Still trending in the right direction, both in...
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    Looking at the construction cam today, it appears as if they've removed the concrete wall on the south end of the east upper deck, where the new upper deck will connect. Can anyone confirm that I'm...
  10. Re: McKay’s inspirational halftime speech to the team…

    If you're referring to the post-game radio interview, it was Niang who was explaining that McKay was responsible for rallying the troops at halftime. McKay apparently asked the team if they were...
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    Re: Bracketology 2015...

    Crappy week. But the Big 12 is brutal this year, and more fans should have been expecting this straight jab to the nose. Didn't want it, but was braced for it, got it, and I'm not too surprised. ...
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    Re: *New Uniform Thread*

    I hate to ***** about this type of stuff, but I have to agree regarding the logos. They got it right, IMO, with the new primary logo. But the secondary logos are horrible. The cy face in a...
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    Re: Rick Barnes on the hot seat

    I've been saying for years that Rick Barnes is horribly overrated, especially in the media. Yes, they consistently make the tourney, which is a tremendous accomplishment. But Texas expects more,...
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    Re: Bracketology 2015...

    That's the key, and it seems to be the one angle nobody is talking about. A lot of people I talk to seem to think ISU has a 3 seed in the bag. We're on pace for that, but could certainly lose it...
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    Re: Most wins vs Top 25 last two years

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe McDermott only had one win over a top 25 opponent during his entire four years in Ames, and that came in the final regular season game of his ISU career, at KSU. Now...
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    Re: Who is Bobby Knight yelling at? ESPN2

    Where is the TV crew sitting that they could be blocked by fans? Sounds a bit rinky-dink.
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    The most impressive view by far of the new endzone progress is from the south exterior. Due to the elevation differences, that's when you really get an appreciation for the scale, especially now...
  18. Re: U.S. Presidents Assigned to College Teams

    Nebraska is pretty spot on.
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    Re: Nader is a DUDE!

    The thing I love about Nader is how deceivingly smooth he is at taking the ball to the rim. As big as he is, you expect him to get somewhat out of control when he has a head of steam, but he often...
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    Re: 2015 Football Tickets

    The renewal process if you want to change seats couldn't be more of a cluster. For starters, the online system has always been cumbersome. I'm wanting to go from 2 tickets in our current section to...
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