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  1. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    Damn, he literally stopped 5 miles from my hometown.
  2. Re: Chains that you didn't know where chains at first
    2 CHAINZ!
  3. Re: In the spirit of CFH, what surgeries have you had?

    Had AC joint and rotator surgery in January, then 2 microdiscectomies, one in Oct and one in Dec, in the last year. Been a ****** year at age 31.
  4. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    All this dude has proven to me so far is that he is a ***** that is very full of himself. The state is better off without you in it. Obviously trying to get a rise out of people because there are...
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    Poll: Re: Twitter Syntax

    Depends on if you are eating at Hickory Park or just eating Hickory Park. I vote A. The @ symbol could be any symbol. Twitter just picked that
  6. Re: RECRUITING: Nick Noskowiak a target for 2015

    Why don't you guys lay off the high school kids and quit clogging up the thread about the kid that may be our newest commitment. I understand they get under your skin, but everyone was a little...
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    Re: Win $100 TONIGHT from

    Wisconsin 64-62
  8. Re: What Andrew Harrison thinks of Kaminsky...

    Where is Bill Plaschke when you need him
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    Re: Missing ISU student

    Wow. How can you not miss ISU in this?

    Title: "Killing in the heartland." First sentence. "Tong Shao, 20, attended Iowa State University."

    Does the Kenyan University look bad because...
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    I think its important for coaches to have degrees but if a player left school early to go to the NBA and is a brilliant coaching mind, why penalize him for making a smart career move. If someone...
  11. Re: Fred to Bulls rumor gaining a little momentum..

    I heard Fred tried to lose in the first round so he could go house shopping in Chicago with Carol.
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    Re: Tsalmpouris

    Guessing if we land Diallo, that Georges starts at the 3. In our offense it really doesn't matter position-wise anyway. Monte, Naz, Georges, Cheick, McKay. No Diallo, then slide Georges to 4 and...
  13. Re: ***OFFICIAL*** basketball is over, fire up for football thread ***
  14. Re: GIFs, Memes, or Pictures Showing how you Feel after the Shocking Loss to UAB
    The wall represents the face of everyone that asked me "what happened to ISU?" With a big smile on their face
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    Re: UNLV Basketball
  16. Re: advice to anyone trying to head down tomorrow after work and get hotel + tickets

    That's kinda the plan right now. Def can't afford 200 a ticket. Was hoping around $100. Still want to be part of the party.
  17. Re: advice to anyone trying to head down tomorrow after work and get hotel + tickets

    Bump. Anyone know roughly how much tickets for tonight would be from scalpers?
  18. advice to anyone trying to head down tomorrow after work and get hotel + tickets

    Should a group of!5 try and book it now or can we get a cheaper price down there? Same with tickets. What type of price do tickets go for on the secondary market? What sort of % discount can you...
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    Re: Off Topic - Interview Stories

    I was interviewing for my 1st Asst Superintendent job at a golf course, which I ended up getting. I knew one of the other applicants and asked my new boss what made him choose me over the other...
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    Thanks. I can't quit checking this thread now. Whew!
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