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    Re: Friday OT - Your All-Time Go To Movie??

    Slap Shot
    Up In Smoke
    There Will Be Blood
    Big Lebowski
    Lonesome Dove (miniseries)
    The Pacific (miniseries)
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    Re: NEW Star Wars Teaser!!!!

    One glaring plot hole already. The two trailers I've seen show the Milleniun Falcon and Han and Chewy. Are they just going to ignore that Batman stole the Falcons hyperdrive and and it was eaten by a...
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    NBA: Re: *** Official 2015 NBA Playoffs Thread ***

    Jordan and Pippen are just too good to not win the east. Ewing and Starks as well as Shaq and Penny could make an interesting eastern finals against the Bulls but in the end the Bulls win the east...
  4. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    What a convenient story that fit's your BS rhetoric.

    Let me tell you a story. It's about a guy right out of college that takes a job in Colorado and enjoys every second of it. Has an opportunity...
  5. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    And all I'm stating is I know quite a few people in Iowa that are "stuck here because of no other options" as you stated that could walk in and write a check for your whole existence based on your...
  6. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    Not trying to sound dickish here but I know plenty of people in Iowa (my folks included) that would laugh at using that list of realty assets as proof of success. Hell I'm only 36, live in Iowa, and...
  7. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    What a stupid comment.
  8. Re: "Forgotten Iowa" - photographing all 947 Iowa towns

    I can already see where this thread is going. "My part of the state is better than your part of the state".

    I am all over the state for some work I do outside of farming and there are very nice...
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    Re: Best Vehicle With a Kid

    For 1 kid a van isn't necessary but they are nice to have. Something like an Outback, Edge, etc will work just fine with one kid. Problem is bang for your buck you can get more for the same cost...
  10. Re: *** Official Wisconsin vs Duke NCAA Championship Game Thread ***

    Wisky has the worst shorts I've seen in a long time. A cummerbund, stripes on one leg, random placed giant W on the other.
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    Re: Friday OT #1 - Best Theme Song

    Another one of my favorites.
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    Re: Friday OT #1 - Best Theme Song

    How have we gotten this far without this!!!
  13. Thread: Coach is Back

    by FarminCy

    Re: Coach is Back

    Not sure I will watch the new one but man I loved Coach when I was a kid. The only thing I hated about the show is that all the campus scenes were from Iowa City, plus the whole Hayden F thing. But...
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    Re: Phone Upgrade: The Decision

    I will chime in with two things on the OS and Apps debate.

    1. I switched from Android to Iphone a little over a year ago and enjoy the Iphone much more. Companies will always try to outdo each...
  15. Re: Photos are in! Last season Clyde Williams/First Game new stadium

    My folks graduated from ISU in 71 and 72. There aren't many pics of my dad during that era where he wasn't wearing his gold ISU "caddy hat". He still has his, I should tell him to break it out for a...
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    Re: what is your quirky hobby?

    I make my own fishing lures. I just ordered everything to build a fishing rod for myself and my son.

    I also started collecting old fishing equipment and lures. My wife hates the stuff.
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    Re: what's worse? 2015 UAB or 2001 Hampton

    Kind of where I'm at. This year's team had so much momentum going into tournament plus a favorable bracket. 2001 team was a train wreck by tourney time.
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    Re: will you watch any more tournament games?

    I'm out. The warm weather has made me realize how unprepared for spring I truly am. I got better things to be doing. The irony of it all is that I'm still sitting on CF instead of doing something.
  19. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Good god.
  20. Re: Kim Mulkey didn't shake hands with Fennelley or the players?

    My dad always called coffee groups "dead pecker clubs". You can't have sex with your wife anymore so you might as well sit around and drink coffee and talk about nothing with other guys that can't...
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