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    Re: Doc Sadler concerns?

    Southern Miss will get penalized and the end result with be that Doc struggles, the fans get restless, and he is fired.
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    Re: Help us Oklahoma...

    I guess it depends on how you define best conference. The B12 was the deepest conference this year but most national sportswriters have said all along that the top of the ACC was better than any...
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    Re: Clayton Custer Transfering

    Too bad. I think he will develop into a solid PG. I fear transfers out will become somewhat common for us again although for a different reason than under McDermott. It is going to come down to...
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    Re: It's on Fred

    Why do those points need to be made?
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    Re: what is your quirky hobby?

    Shooting guns. Not much I find more fun than blowing through a clip on a handgun or AR. Expensive but fun.
  6. Re: Fred being offered by the Bulls rumor gaining a little momentum..

    Some day Fred will leave - either to coach in the NBA or due to health reasons. Might be soon. Might be years. But things are as good as they ever have been. So why not just appreciate him while he...
  7. Re: Fred to Bulls rumor gaining a little momentum..

    He goes. He doesn't go. Whatever. Not worth getting worked up. I mean, we will still have a team, right?
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    Re: I'm struggling with this -

    Was disappointed initially. But then I remembered that it was a game.
  9. Re: Big 12 0-3. Did our Entire Conference have an inflated opinion of themselves?

    105-25 in non-conference games (counting today). Best in cbb. But a couple of upsets means the conference is overrated?
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    Poll: Re: Who's to blame for today's loss?

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Whatever the reason, its done now. Time to move on.
  11. Re: Recommended Handgun Retailers - Des Moines

    JT Guns is the shop on Merle Hay. Small place but good prices. Can work a deal on something they have in stock, especially if paying cash. I personally wasn't impressed with JLM in Urbandale.
  12. Re: High School Football skills development

    Get him in the weight room and work on plyos. If he wants to get a look, he must be bigger, faster, and stronger than the competition.
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    Re: Update on DeAndre Kane

    Dude, you are 25 years old. And it takes living in another country for you to get yourself up, cook your own meals, get somewhere on time?
  14. Re: Driving home from work, cars with your windows UP???

    Windows up on the Interstate. Down on everything else. I even roll them down in the summer. There is something to be said about driving with the windows down and the air conditioning on. And yes,...
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    Re: JP suffers Heart Attack

    They are a great family that are absolutely Cyclone to the core. Iowa State is in such a better place now than when he came. I hope he is able to make a complete and speedy recovery!
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    Re: Jamie Pollard Suffers Heart Atttack

    Prayers for him and his family. Can't image the stress that comes with that job. Live and die with wins and losses even though you have little direct impact on them.
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    Re: Season ticket renewal numbers

    Dropped 2 of my 4. Sad to do it but we are hoping that the donation changes for basketball allow us to get a few more seats in the arena level of Hilton. So hopefully we are only shifting dollars...
  18. Re: A season after... Does Melvin Ejim's jersey still deserve to be in the rafters?

    Great. Then give us the per minute production of every ISU player so we can see how Melvin ranks. If you want to do the work, go ahead.

    I don't see that as a statistic that ISU keeps. PPG and...
  19. Re: A season after... Does Melvin Ejim's jersey still deserve to be in the rafters?

    That might be true but minutes per game are influenced to a certain extent by ability. The better you are (or least replaceable), the more minutes you get. You can't control the number of games...
  20. Re: A season after... Does Melvin Ejim's jersey still deserve to be in the rafters?

    All of those should lead to the ISU Hall of Fame. From there, numbers and accomplishments separate out the elite for hanging in the rafters.

    Why is Ejim being in the Hall of Fame not enough? ...
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