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    Re: Spring Training-Chicago Cubs

    The Cubs aren't going to give Castillo away just for the sake of a roster spot. TheoJed doesn't settle. They'll get a market value deal or figure out a way to use him.
  2. Thread: Rick Barnes

    by 1UNI2ISU

    Re: Rick Barnes

    Lots and lots of smoke around MVC circles that Marshall is gone and taking Ron Baker with him as a grad transfer.

    Thon Maker also goes to UT. Wichita was in his final 5.
  3. Re: A few notes on the college hoops coaching carousel

    UIC hired Steve McClain.

    I'm not sure you can win there anyway.
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    Re: Any updates on JP?

    UNI's AD had tweeted that out to show them loading in a Jason Aldean concert for Saturday Night. Jamie just retweeted it more or less.

    I'd have to imagine he's recovering at home and doing...
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    Re: Rick Barnes ...

    Shaka had an 2nd weekend team this year until his best player blew out his knee.
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    Re: Phone Upgrade: The Decision

    Love my LG G3. I'm a heavy user and still get two days out of the battery. Great display, not all bloated up like the Galaxy series.
  7. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    I've learned over 14 years that you trust Mark Farley when it comes to defense.

    As far as Kollmorgen, he's not going to be the guy. He should be, but he won't. They went with a guy that...
  8. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    Kollmorgen isn't seeing the field. Kid got a raw deal with how last year went down.

    New OC is going to play his guy. Dalton Demos or Aaron Bailey will be the starter.
  9. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    UNI plays a hybrid 4-3 with a stand up rush end.
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    Re: Best guess on Iowa game start time??

    The SEC has the rights to the OU/Tenn game. That one is ticketed for ESPN, probably in the evening.

    2:30 seems like a pretty safe bet unless it ends up at an odd time on FS1.
  11. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    Quarterback will either be JUCO Dalton Demos or Illinois Transfer Aaron Bailey (4 Star out of HS, got caught in coaching change) Both are dual-threat guys as UNI is moving to a no-huddle Tempo based...
  12. Re: What's your confidence level of beating UNI in the first game?

    UNI is installing a completely new offense and will be starting a new quarterback (I don't think there's any chance of Kollmorgen winning the job). That said, the defense will be very good again and...
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    Re: 2015 - 2016 Schedule -- what do we know?

    You have to play the exempt multi-team event (MTE). You would get 2 or 3 less non-conference games because the MTE allows you to play 3 or 4 games and only counts as one against your 27 game limit.
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    Re: 2015-16 Schedule

    No chance Wichita leaves for CUSA. It's a worse basketball league spread all over the country.

    NDSU is not going to happen for the Valley it's out in an island by itself and tied to SDSU. The...
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    Re: 2015-16 Schedule

    They can't stay where they are without football and the Valley it's a really nice fit competition-wise. It was reported by the Birmingham paper today that there is mutual interest. Previous reports...
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    Re: 2015-16 Schedule

    Iowa State plays Va Tech and UAB plays Illinois in the first round. I'd expect a UAB-Iowa State championship game.

    UAB should also help SOS as there is a good chance they will be in The Valley...
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    Re: You should root for UNI.

    The sane UNI fan much prefers Iowa State.

    I hate the Hawks as much as you guys do.
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    Poll: Re: 16 Seed beats a Number 1 Seed?


    Unless they follow through with the talk of decreasing the size of Division I and your 16 seeds end up being your Illinois States, Richmonds, or Fresno States of the world. If that happens...
  19. Re: Love the rule changes they made for the NIT. Really hope this causes change.

    Teams like UNI and Virginia aren't against shortening the clock. It gives the opponent less time to get a shot against their defenses and leads to more bad shots.
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    Re: Saturday Game Time?

    CBS is going to want Kentucky in one of their exclusive windows. They've led off the day with Duke over and over in past years. I think it will be an afternoon tip.
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  • TV: TBD
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State vs. UNI
  • August 29, 2015
  • 06:00 PM