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    Re: Ladies let one slip way

    We needed the magicinas to put a hex on the KU Women's BB team.
  2. Re: Johnny's Passes and Parking Pass (WBB vs. Okla State)

    Wrist Bands and Parking Pass are now spoken for.
  3. Johnny's Passes and Parking Pass (WBB vs. Okla State)

    I have two passes (wrist bands) for access to Johnny's as well as a Parking Pass for the "ISU-Oklahoma State" WBB game on Sat (Jan 31). The Parking Pass gives access to the lots just next to Hilton...
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    Passes for Johnny's (ISU Women's BB)

    I am interested in buying three passes for access to "Johnny's" for the ISU Women's BB game against West Virginia on Sat, Feb 7.
    If you have three passes for sale, please call or send a text...
  5. Re: Old Timers: I found something that might jog your memory

    I saw the ISU-Michigan game on TV. It was Dick Stockton who made the comment "It looks like the JV against the Varsity, Billy". Needless to say, ISU was the JV team. However, after the game ended...
  6. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies win strong over Ark Pine Bluff after ugly first h

    While it's nice to say "..don't think she hurts the team when she is out there", this is not going to help win championships (or even finish in the top half of the standings).

    Our inside game...
  7. Re: WTB: 2 Tickets for Lamar/Arkansas/UMKC basketball games


    I tried to send you a private message twice but it dod not work for some reason.

    I might have three tickets available for sale (lower level) for the ISU-UMKC Men's BB game on Tue, Dec 9....
  8. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD


    I read your article and have one difffering opinion. Cole Netten missing the field goal is really not the issue. If we cannot score a touchdown against KU and have to attempt a field...
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    Re: Tire loosing air

    I would suggest going to Westside Auto Pros in Des Moines. I've had very good experience with them over the years. Their phone number is (515) 225-9090. They are located in Clive just west of 86h...
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    Re: ISU Football 2015

    I like your positive outlook (6 games left). I am saving vacation time for a bowl game and will use it for something else if the bowl game doesn't happen.
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    Re: Some numbers to go with Pollard's claim

    The question isn't how many calls a certain team gets in their favor. The question is "Are the replay officials getting the call right" ?? If there is no indisputable evidence to overturn the call...
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    Re: East Caolina HOLY ****!

    Nebraska was invited because they convinced the Big 10 powers (i.e. Jim Delaney) that the KC market will bring a lot of viewers.

    Also at the time, they had some history of being successful (a...
  13. Re: Column: The Cyclones need to sell hope vs. KSU

    Maybe I am repeating something that's been said before. Haven't we been selling "Hope" for quite a few years now ?? We need to move to the next phase. Selling "Wins".
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    Re: Surprising spread for Kstate game

    If ISU cannot score in the 30's or 40's, it really doesn't matter what the other team does. If the defense had played better against NDSU and allowed two fewer touchdowns, we would have lost by 6...
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    Re: AD letter and higher ticket costs

    I think that "bumping up the donation levels" is the same as reseating. If it's not the same, can you explain the difference.
  16. ISU Women's BB (Parking Pass and Johnny's Sports Bar access)

    Due to conflicts, I sold my tickets (on-line) for the Women's BB games against Texas (Sat, Feb 22) and Baylor (Tue, Mar 4).
    For each game above, I have the parking pass as well as two wrist bands...
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    Re: Recruits who've flipped from ISU

    I would think that any university that would replace tires on a recruit's car would be in violation of NCAA rules (at least in ths day and age).
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    Re: Troy Davis Recruitment

    Being in front of cameras or even talking on radio is not as easy as it looks. At least not for some of us (like me).
    I work with software support and have no problems talking to somoene on the...
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    Re: ISU Athletics tweet

    Jan 1 (New Years) Bowl Games are NOT the same as before, so the statement is correct. However, the ISU Athletic department should NOT be making such statements. For the casual fan to make such...
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    Re: This is 2013's Signature Win!!!

    If Texas had lived up to the pre-season hype (Top Ten team, etc.), this would be a signature win.
    Given the fact that Texas is no where close to where they were supposed to be, this would be a...
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