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  1. Re: Just my 0.02 for all you CF'ers. Take it for what its worth!

    Spoiled children and fair weather fans. Yep, that's us.

    USC, UT, Miami and ISU...
  2. Re: Photos are in! Last season Clyde Williams/First Game new stadium

    First, thank you, these are great photos!

    Second, come on ISU AD, go back to yellow helmets. They look awesome!
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    Re: what is your quirky hobby?

    I have a mat cutter and I enjoy matting and framing photos and posters.
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    Re: Iowa...Land of Cowards

    Land of cowards, huh? Google Col.Bud Day...
  5. Re: Some very positive signs for the Offensive Line...

    Meh, coach speak is coach speak and we all understand and take it for what it is. I think many of us just don't want to hear "most talented" spoken because it hasn't squared with the product on the...
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    Re: Where are we ranked on 3/9?

    Wow, the fact that people don't know the answer to this makes me feel really, really old.:(
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    Re: The BIGGER picture.

    The bigger picture I see is that this is a tough league. I don't view the KSU loss as breakdown or meltdown. I see it as KSU being good enough to beat any team in the league at their place if they...
  8. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    This is absolutely perfect.

    I think it's important for the naysayers to understand that we can keep the I-STATE. But really, given the choice what are you the ISU fan going to chose on...
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    Re: Would You Give Sage A Chance?


    But I'm reminded of what Bob Dylan said, "When you got nothin', you got nothin' to lose. If the program is in a state where we have to fire PR we'll be pretty close to nothin'. I could...
  10. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    If I could, I would ask these people if they think KSU fans would buy a Powercat or a K-STATE more often. Or an Iowa fan if they'd buy a Tigerhawk or an IOWA more often. My sense is that the...
  11. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    lol @ TCU air quotes. We can better than these chumps; I-STATE, Tornado, Walking Cy...done.
  12. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    There's no reason to scrap the I-STATE logo (although plenty of graphic designers could come in here make a case that that font will become outdated).

    My point is that logos like the Longhorn or...
  13. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    I've said it before that regardless of ones opinion aesthetically this should be the logo. This is our Powercat, Tigerhawk, Spartan Head, etc. This is too versatile a logo to be ignored and it...
  14. Re: This is what Kansas State basketball has become

    I wish I could give this ten thumbs up.
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    Re: Fraschilla's Hoiberg Love Fest.

    Imo, it's a matter of time. Have you ever watched a national broadcast of an ISU game that Fred's pro career didn't come up? And by pro career I don't just mean as a player.

    Fred Hoiberg = entre...
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    Re: Fraschilla's Hoiberg Love Fest.

    I think Fran recognizes that Fred is an exceptional human. Fred could be or do anything including be POTUS. I'm not kidding.

    Seriously, look that this dudes life resume. Can you imagine this...
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    Re: Apology to Matt Thomas.

    I've been very critical of Matt's game (not necessarily on CF) but it sort of dawned on me during the game when they mentioned that he is a sophomore how spoiled I am at the talent level of new faces...
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    Re: Where can I get a good pastrami sandwich?

    Greek Jews? I thought pastrami was a kosher thing. Anyway, I ****ing love it. And I want some on a burger so hard right now.
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    Re: :::The OFFICIAL Heavy Metal Thread!!:::

    Yeah, Sleep is awesome. The guitarist for one of the bands I mentioned, High On Fire, is Matt Pike and Sleep is his old band.

    Will def check out Black Market Ministry.
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    Re: How many wins will it take?

    Well, the OP asks for a number of wins to convince you that we're in good hands. That certainly would convince me.
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