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    Re: Big 12s Roll Call

    Headed down there Thursday morning with 6 friends of mine. Last year was our first go around we're 3-0 so far, gotta keep the streak going! I let all my professors know exactly why I was missing...
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    Re: Stadium updates!

    If used properly they are great, the statistics shown in Hilton are really nice
  3. Poll: Re: Favorite Observations from Tonight's Amazing Comeback Win over OU

    It was end of game loud for a long, long time during the run, which was awesome. What was really great to me though is how the crowd wasn't content when we finally took the lead. Everyone kept...
  4. Poll: Re: Favorite Observations from Tonight's Amazing Comeback Win over OU

    The whole lower bowl standing most of the 2nd half and people yelling the whole time. Good work old people!
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    Re: Texas/WVU Game

    Do we want WVU more for the tie breaker against KU or do we want Texas so they have a better shot at making the tournament?
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    Re: Newbies to Hilton

    Make sure you get them Clone Cones! And in all honesty they'll love it for the simple fact the home team actually wins in Hilton
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    Re: You don't look like you are feeling well

    I will be waiting in the snow to get in tomorrow. No matter what, it will be electric tomorrow. Baylor has never won in Hilton, and they sure as hell aren't going to start tomorrow!
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    Re: where do you think we'll be ranked Monday?

    Explain who they beat that would make their non-con better? The good team they played, they lost. Overall they had more slightly less mediocre teams to balance out us playing some decent teams and...
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    Re: KU @ KSU on Big Monday

    Not sure KSU thinks they even have a shot...

    Rock Chalk Tweets ‏@RockChalkTweets 9m9 minutes ago
    Thomas Gipson on playing KU tonight: "We'll probably lose by 27, who knows?" #kubball
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    Re: Attendance: 7,612

    Not that TCU is going to really draw larger crowds, but this years attendance #'s for them aren't helped by the fact they are in a large HS gym that seats 4,800. Probably will have larger reported...
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    Re: Garnett to Timberwolves

    Nice story, but the thing is it's best for the Wolves to keep getting better but still lose games. I wonder how that'll sit with KG.
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    Re: Texas vs Oklahoma

    Big 12 basketball is fun. Come on Texas!
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    Re: Texas vs Oklahoma

    Good game so far. I'll take a Texas win since Oklahoma is more of a threat to us for 2nd
  14. Re: Texas Tech is going cost us a share of the Big 12 Title

    No more of this. We all know it, but it's in the past. All the team can do is win games from now on. No need to sit an pout about the TT game anymore. The team just needs to get better for March.
  15. Re: Free Student Ticket to tonights game (Kansas State)

  16. Free Student Ticket to tonights game (Kansas State)

    While I have been lucky to attend all our home games this season, I am still out of town for a funeral and will not be able to make tonights game. Anyone that would like my student ticket can message...
  17. Re: Are there any replays of the Iowa game on BTN?

    If you have BTN at home, you can login and watch it online at

    Also, it's on youtube now
  18. Re: Five things to watch for in exhibition opener

    Love the song, but having a song titled "Till' I Collapse" seems like a no go for an Iowa State team...
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    Re: Texas Gamewatch In Minneapolis

    I don't think so unfortunately. The ISUAA of Minneapolis posted this on their page on the 13th

    Haven't posted anything since so I don't think the situation has changed.
  20. Re: Alright, who is going to pony up the cash? Starting lineup/intros

    Nike just had something like this built:

    Forget cost, I wonder how well it works as a court. Ex. ball bounce, slickness, etc.
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