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    Re: No tie explanation?

    He has yet to state why. As the previous posters so kindly alluded, there was a previous thread where a poster thought it was to reduce potential arterial pressure. I think that may have just been a...
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    Re: Short spring break ideas

    Not worth the drive with kids, but the wife and I did a quick trip to Fort Collins when we had 4 days to burn. A lot of breweries (maybe 6) in the city and then close enough to get into the...
  3. Re: NCAA no longer granting immediate eligibility waivers for four-year transfers

    I get the concern about mid-majors making the investment in a raw player, and then once his skills are developed he jumps ship to a P5 school allowing them to reap the benefits. However, I think a...
  4. Re: NCAA no longer granting immediate eligibility waivers for four-year transfers

    Did Spangler get a waiver too or did he sit out a year?
  5. Re: NCAA no longer granting immediate eligibility for four-year transfers

    I don't get the hate from media about kids transferring.
  6. Thread: Next Season

    by Cyientist

    Re: Next Season

    Let me preface with I love our guy's game, but these are just the needs I see.

    Niang's biggest improvement can definitely come from reducing turnovers.

    Not sure McKay needs a midrange game (he...
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    Re: Not enjoying the madness

    I am strangely rooting for Oklahoma now. Once I get past the floor slapping it's not so bad.
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    Re: SIAP: Travis Hines with a great article

    Liked the Hines' article, and I think many posts in this thread proves his point. We ISU fans love being told how great we are, but there is definitely a faction that is quick to turn on players when...
  9. Re: Official Post-Season Words of Encouragement/Thank You Thread

    That sucks, it hurts, and that's basketball.Thanks for an entertaining season. I'll be back next year.
  10. Re: enCYCLONEpedia NCAA Tournament Preview: Iowa State vs. UAB

    Bringing up the "bad luck" the 12/13 team seemed to have, I wonder how many of those games CFH thinks we would have won with CFH yr 5 instead of yr 2. I'm not calling out his coaching, just that I'm...
  11. Re: NCAA TOURNAMENT: How to eliminate the slow starts?

    The team is just compensating for getting out to leads earlier in the year and allowing teams to get back in it.
  12. Re: Basketball recruiting: Iowa State easily outspends Iowa, UNI

    As a clone fan I find nothing wrong with the story, yet the connotation the story left me with is that ISU is outspending many other "Top" universities to get results in basketball. I think they are...
  13. Re: Basketball recruiting: Iowa State easily outspends Iowa, UNI

    I was trying to find overall budgets and found an article about break downs of D1 basketball budgets. The take home was obvious in that a program looking to grow needs to make finding and retaining a...
  14. Re: Basketball recruiting: Iowa State easily outspends Iowa, UNI

    This. The article would have been strengthened by showing the overall basketball budgetl, and then the % of the overall budget that is spent on recruiting. I'd be willing to bet ISU does not rank 8th...
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    Re: Big 12 Tournament - Did Self Care?

    I think KU going zone may have been the biggest compliment ISU has received all season.
  16. Re: Re-watching the Big XII Championship Game

    My 2 year old deleted all 3 of the tourney games from my DVR today. I will not be re-watching any of the games.
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    Re: Postgame stuff

    "Let's go get that championship."
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    Open letter to Jamie, I will write another check! Love these Cyclones!!!
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    Re: Thank you Spangler

    House money. I'll take it.
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    Re: I'm a hypocrite

    Tonight was legit, but as sure as we will foul a 3 pt shooter, Hogue will get a foul called on his post-up D.
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