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    Re: Presale for NCAA in Wells Fargo in 2016

    I bought Syracuse regional tickets in advance this year since the MSG tickets last year were really expensive after Iowa State was placed in the east and got there. Now of course, this year it's...
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    Re: Why was our game so empty?

    UK's game tipped off at 10:15pm while the ISU game tipped off at 12:40pm. That's a long day of basketball. Not surprised they wouldn't make it a priority to be there for the start of the ISU game.
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    Re: Next Years Team

    Some thoughts heading into next year:

    1) For all the talk of depth and talent on this year's team, it really wasn't possible to give teams very many different matchups. Basically had a bench...
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    Re: Tickets are $7 on StubHub

    Anybody else worried about the early start tomorrow? Likely to be a late-arriving crowd and possibly some empty seats. I'm maybe even more concerned for Saturday if ISU wins tomorrow. Same session...
  5. Re: If you could go back in time and add a past Cyclone player to this year's team...

    It's either Grayer or Fred for me.
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    Re: NCAA Ends 4-4 Undergrad Waivers

    I think it means instead of 5th-year player who transfers getting to play in their 5th year, they would need to sit out a year and apply for a 1 year extension to the 5 year clock to get a 6th year...
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    Re: Matt Thomas article

    I think Thomas has improved to bring more things to the table than just shooting this year. 2nd best A/TO ratio on the team, rebounds fairly well for his position, and overall I like the spacing and...
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    Re: Saturday Game Time?

    Just going from memory, it seems overall #1 seeds that are huge favorites get CBS slots but ones that are opposite other games so that there are other games to flip to in the event of a blowout.
  9. Re: I know why CFH is not wearing ties this year on the sidelines!

    I don't think neck ties can completely cut off an artery's circulation, but the carotid sinus in the neck is sensitive to surface pressure and can cause large changes in blood pressure and heart...
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    Re: Staying out of the Midwest Bracket

    Don't think it matters, if ISU, OU, and KU are all 1-4 seeds they can't be in the same region.
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    Re: Staying out of the Midwest Bracket

    Pretty sure it's last year's lingo, it's titled 2013-14 in the link. Third round means round of 32 in the article.

    Played once: earliest meeting in round of 32
    Played twice: earliest meeting in...
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    Re: Staying out of the Midwest Bracket

    Based on this link, ISU-KU sweet 16 is not possible:

    "Each of the first four teams selected from a...
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    Re: Staying out of the Midwest Bracket

    The thing nobody has mentioned yet is conference affiliation. Although the rules aren't as strict as they used to be, ND will likely not be in Duke or Virginia's region so there will only be two...
  14. Re: ESPN's Joe Lunardi on ISU's NCAA seeding possibilities

    I still don't really see it happening. I think ISU would need a win against KU to have 2-1 advantage but that also means KU got to the title game.

    Plus, KU will finish (at least) 1 game ahead in...
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    Re: Court Storms

    I think the best solution is having security prepared to corridor off the benches so the far side of the court is stormed. See this video from Virginia:

  16. Re: Knott, George react to Oyster promotion (hint: they're thrilled)

    I think in a lot of cases college facilities are similar if not superior to NFL facilities. Which probably makes sense when you consider how important facilities are to recruiting versus just...
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    Re: UNI is Rolling

    Part of me is bummed we didn't get to enjoy a ISU/UNI game this year to settle state bragging rights.
  18. Re: Does Monte lack confidence in his shooting?

    Yeah, it's the key to Fred's offense. It just is easier to execute for consistent finishers like Niang, Ejim, or Kane. Morris and BDJ just have to be a little more creative with some...
  19. Re: Does Monte lack confidence in his shooting?

    I think one thing that doesn't get talked about much is I think Big XII defenses are figuring out a bit that ISU avoids taking long 2's. I think some teams are really aggressive at guarding the 3...
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    Re: Moe's Southwest Grill

    Yeah, so maybe it's more I just want good names. I just don't like ordering the Joey Bag of Doughnuts (a burrito) or the Earmuffs (burrito bowl).
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  • TV: TBD
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State vs. UNI
  • August 29, 2015
  • 06:00 PM