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  1. Re: Moving to Ankeny and looking to get into a Softball League

    Be careful what you get yourself into I hear the price of softballs has gone through the roof.
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    Re: March Madness vasectomy?

    Need recommendation for an accurate snipper.
  3. Re: Photos are in! Last season Clyde Williams/First Game new stadium

    THis is great. I haven't seen too many color photos from WIlliams. Forgot about pot smoking Cy. That hot cheerleader is probably someone's mom on here now LOL.
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    Re: The NCAA Tournament's relevance

    Totally agree. Even with the games staggered, Have one channel solely devoted to highlights and live Lookins throughout the day. Certainly CBS/Turner have a channel no one watches that they could...
  5. Re: Tickets for yum center first session on Thursday

    Session 1 tickets are dirt cheap right now on stubhub.
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    Re: Nice Grantland Article

    I loved this line-
    This phenomenon was noted even by Self, who watched his team dissolve in an arena that was raucous with Iowa State partisans. If you wanted to steal a tractor in Ames, this was...
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    Re: I melted today....

    My 9 year old daughter has become a Cyclone junky with my brother being there right now and our whole family big fans. It has been great to have someone always to want to watch games with me (my wife...
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    Re: Ticket Scalpers

    So what did title game tix end up going for?
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    Re: Ribs, come on in smoking nerds.

    I've been smoking all winter. Makes me feel all manly in the suburbs to have snow on the ground and the smell of pecan smoke. That's about all I use for wood anymore. Maybe mix in a little hickory if...
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    Re: Favorite Moment on Cyclone Fanatic?

    LOL I was just being honest...Had some things to get off my chest.
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    Re: Favorite Moment on Cyclone Fanatic?

    Friday Confessions were fun back in the day, I think it was because those turned into the CF version of "slumpbuster confessions" that they got taken away. Coaching search threads always are a great...
  12. Re: Glory days: Could you dunk? How old is too old to try again?

    When I was playing OL in college I could 2 hand dunk at 6'1 297 pounds.
    Now almost 34 and a lot lighter I can slap backboard and thats it
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    Re: Best Home Comeback? '92 OSU or '15 OU

    Was there a big comeback win against OU in '92 as well. I vividly remember Pippett with a behind the back save in front of the scorers table to Thigpen that I think either tied or took the lead. Was...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Shows That Went On Too Long

    Agree with Law and Order although right now I think SVU is still very well done. I wondered how it would be without Stabler but they are doing a nice job.
    I still like NCIS, and enjoy Los Angeles,...
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    Re: Custom Shirts

    Smith Promotions in Clive.
    We've gone through them for several shirts and uniforms.
    Don't tell Smitty I sent you or he might charge you double
  16. Re: Super Incredibly Early 03/01 Winter Weather Thread

    Does the later start time this morning for Metro Area lower those forecast totals or are they still the same?
  17. Re: Super Incredibly Early 03/01 Winter Weather Thread

    ANy idea of timing of snow this weekend? Big football clinic at Prairie Meadows is going to have coaches there from all over the midwest. Not the worst place to get snowed in but still...
  18. Re: Super Incredibly Early 03/01 Winter Weather Thread

    This should probably be a weekly happening
  19. Re: Super Incredibly Early 03/01 Winter Weather Thread

    5 inches for Central IA wednesday. Just enough to be a pain in the ***
  20. In Like a Lion? 2/25, 3/1 pre-official weather thread

    Seeing some chatter about a Wednesday snow event and possible a significant snowmaker Sunday. Wondering what our pros on here are seeing in the early models?
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