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  1. Re: Photos are in! Last season Clyde Williams/First Game new stadium

    My folks graduated from ISU in 71 and 72. There aren't many pics of my dad during that era where he wasn't wearing his gold ISU "caddy hat". He still has his, I should tell him to break it out for a...
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    Re: what is your quirky hobby?

    I make my own fishing lures. I just ordered everything to build a fishing rod for myself and my son.

    I also started collecting old fishing equipment and lures. My wife hates the stuff.
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    Re: what's worse? 2015 UAB or 2001 Hampton

    Kind of where I'm at. This year's team had so much momentum going into tournament plus a favorable bracket. 2001 team was a train wreck by tourney time.
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    Re: will you watch any more tournament games?

    I'm out. The warm weather has made me realize how unprepared for spring I truly am. I got better things to be doing. The irony of it all is that I'm still sitting on CF instead of doing something.
  5. Re: *** Official UAB vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Good god.
  6. Re: Kim Mulkey didn't shake hands with Fennelley or the players?

    My dad always called coffee groups "dead pecker clubs". You can't have sex with your wife anymore so you might as well sit around and drink coffee and talk about nothing with other guys that can't...
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    Re: Water Softener

    Crazy timing on this. My water softener just crapped out on me. It was a 19 year old Culligan that they don't make parts for any more.

    Local plumbing company is going to be installing a Water...
  8. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    This is exactly how I feel. I love the I-State logo and it should never go away. But the current secondary marks are pure ****. I refuse to buy anything with Bucky Cy or Cy in a wreath on it. Walking...
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    Re: *New Uniform Thread*

    After seeing the mock ups in here and in the tornado logo thread I am truly convinced that ISU has a horrible design and marketing department for the AD. Posters on CF can come up with much better...
  10. Re: *** Official #19 Baylor vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Very frustrating game to watch.
  11. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    Great idea!!! Can someone make a photoshop mock up of this.

    Imagine the increase in apparel sales if we slap that on blue starter jackets!!
  12. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    Would putting a snarling bird head with a muscular punching arm on top of a tornado give it some bite and snarl?
  13. Re: Statement by Trailor-offending K-State student ...

    I read that article as well. It's crazy how social media can almost ruin people. Was crazy that people weren't even willing to date her and had to move overseas for awhile. I also found it...
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    NFL: Re: Bye Bye Adrian

    This is the one thing most people fail to realize. Didn't Radisson pull their money instantly?
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    Re: *New Uniform Thread*

    My favorite has been the 2007 Iowa game throwback uni's. I don't know what ISU needs to do uni wise but I do wish they would move away from looking exactly like USC.
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    NFL: Re: Bye Bye Adrian

    Yes they would and Minnesota could potentially be better off because of it.

    Even before the whole switch episode I've been saying the Vikings needed to see what they could get for him and build...
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    Re: Say, what's your 7-year-old done lately?

    Hipsters will be saying they've followed these kids since kindergarten.

    But seriously that is awesome.
  18. Re: So you know, a warrant is out for his arrest ...

    I'm just laughing at those on here saying it's just KU trying to deflect their poor play and Self whining.

    I can only imagine what this place would look like if that had happened to Fred and Niang.
  19. Sticky: Re: COUPON: Over $500 off a custom Cyclone hoop from Goalsetter

    We have a Goalsetter and they are awesome. Well worth every penny. This is a great deal for anyone looking to get one.

    We upgraded from a plain old in ground adjustable hoop. The difference in...
  20. Poll: Re: OT: What was the best movie of 2014 in your opinion?

    Since I have 3 young kids my picks are Lego Movie and Frozen. These also happen to be the only new movies I watched in 14.

    I know I have now reached parent stage when I have no clue if most of...
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