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    3 Pt shots.

    I have been preaching this and last nights game reflects the facts. This team is sooo close to be wicked good they don't even realize it - i think….

    When this team is determined to go to the rack,...
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    Re: Rewatched the 2nd half

    From a player on the bench - Cousins yelled a profanity at the bench and then at Hoiberg - the last getting him the technical.

    Secondly, its very clear that Spangler yelled get that **** outta...
  3. Re: this team has no heart.... wait, WTF!?!?!?!?

    Ok - i will man up and say that i was a first half hater.

    BUT - i will still say that Fred was getting schooled in the first half and then he totally schooled a great coach in the second. The...
  4. Re: *** OFFICIAL Oklahoma vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    The biggest difference i see on our offense is four guys standing around at the top of the three point circle and McKayworking for position. What happened to setting off the ball screens? What...
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    Re: Fred dont know how to stop

    I will say this - IMO the idea that an opponents 3 pt fg pct is important. But, more important to me is this teams leadership is not consistent in its understanding of how to close out an opponent....
  6. Re: KState Students Banned from home games!!!!

    Know thats right…. but we were already saying "How would they regulate that… should have figured it out..obviously the kool aid of a big 12 title is starting to over come realism!!!!

    Back to work...
  7. KState Students Banned from home games!!!! (NOT)

    Bowlsby has issued sanctions against Kstate for what happened Saturday….

    FYI - coworker printed it,...
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    Re: UNLV Basketball

    CPECH - you just said the one thing i dont think they will have.... Time..... Dave Rice is on the hot seat, was coming into the season and everything settled when he got the recruiting class. But, if...
  9. Re: *** Official #21 West Virginia vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Just wanted to bump my thoughts just after the first half. I really liked the way the team played today. Unselfish, and not 100% reliant on 3 pt shots. When we've failed is when we've repeatedly shot...
  10. Re: *** Official #21 West Virginia vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    If they continue to play this style - we will win easily... I like that were not over relying on 3's. Solid so far this WV stle is hectic and tough defense.... it apepars they're not allowing them to...
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    Re: Ozigbo commits to Nebraska

    Frak - i will choose to edit my own post….

    It appears according to several media sources, that Iowa and Nebraska are ranked above ISU. Now those rankings have a lot of factors that have very...
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    Re: We can still make a great run

    Actually we had 8 road wins counting the non-conference schedule. This year 3 to date.

    No doubt toughest schedule in basketball.... But to be considered one of the best teams in america, and...
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    Re: We can still make a great run

    In our losses, its been too much individual playing.... When Niang and Morris are shooting badly, they just continue to shoot. When Kane was shooting badly he seemed to figure it out that he needed...
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    Steve Loney

    Steve Loney has been tabbed to be the new Dallas Cowboys Assistant OLine Coach. He's leaving Ar-Kansas as a member of Bielemas staff to join the Boyz….

    Great hire…. Wish former ISU OC Steve Loney...
  15. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    Any surprises yet besides Jackson - thats a good one had some serious offers!!!!
  16. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    Down to Philbert, Butler and Leath.

    Hopefully good news on Jackson too….then waiting game for up to as many as 4 surprises if were intending on a 25 man class which i could see.
  17. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    Glad too see Nerness has signed. I was very worried about him and Thomas as they had enough high quality teams really making a push for their services. One other guy i really really like is...
  18. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    Not sure if ISU has ever signed someone with 14 mid-high profile Division 1 scholarships before….Welcome aboard Josh Thomas - your now officially a part of the family!!!
  19. Re: now projecting 20-10 record and no road wins

    I think everyone including that stupid RPI predictor is over reacting. This team could go on the road and win at any place… Problem we have right now is that Morris is not controlling the game when...
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    Re: Iowa State #9 in AP Poll (1/19)

    Maybe i spoke too soon!!!!!
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