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  1. Poll: Re: Of all the lost games this year, which one still haunts us?

    The South Carolina loss was the one where it felt like the Monstars had stolen the Cyclones' talent. I didn't recognize the team that took the floor. Naz and Niang throwing up air balls. Going 0-15...
  2. Re: BLUM: Big 12 Tournament seeding scenarios

    Depth is a big deal in these tournaments with no rest in between games, which is why it's hard to see OU winning the tournament since they get so little production from the bench. KU and West...
  3. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State vs. Baylor preview

    I noticed Kirk did not include anything specifically about the McKay-Motley matchup, which I think will be key. McKay wants to block shots, but for this game he might need to worry more about boxing...
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    Re: Taking a stab at All Big 12 Honors

    Gathers's dominance on the glass alone might put him on the first team. I would also add TaShawn Thomas to the Newcomer team and probably take off Oubre.
  5. Poll: Re: Favorite Observations from Today's Texas Win

    One of the key stats I haven't seen anyone mention yet was that the Texas big men combined to shoot ZERO free throws. That's right. None of Texas's forwards or centers attempted a single free-throw...
  6. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State vs. Texas preview

    I was reviewing Texas stats, player by player, and came across this tidbit:

    Isaiah Taylor started the year with back-to-back games in which he went 2-3 from beyond the arc. Since then, he has...
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    Re: Most wins vs Top 25 last two years

    Wow, what is K-State doing on this list? I guess they had all those home conference wins last year, and the two wins against Oklahoma this year.
  8. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State vs. Texas preview

    Kirk, is it a safe bet Texas will play man against us? Some teams have a certain style of defense that they play no matter what, like the way West Virginia always presses, because that's what they...
  9. Thread: 2005

    by andymhallman

    Re: 2005

    We have a good shot this year since Texas is down and we're pretty good, but it's hard to be confident of winning at a place you haven't won in for 10 years.

    Texas already has three conference...
  10. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State preview

    This Okie State team is probably the biggest positive surprise in the Big 12 (Texas being the biggest disappointment). I don't know how they won those three games in a row over ranked teams with so...
  11. Re: Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    I knew Orr had a huge split in his home versus road winning percentage, but I never guessed it was that big. So, after adding that win at Kansas, does that mean Orr's high water mark for road games...
  12. Poll: Re: Would you trade the win at Iowa for a win at Tech?

    The difference is that Iowa was favored by several points and we were without BDJ and McKay, so the fact we built a huge lead without those two guys on the road was an impressive accomplishment.
  13. Re: Clones Adj. Offensive and Defensive ranks?

    The high offense/low defense efficiency numbers are something we should get used to as long as Niang is on the team. He is superb on offense but a defensive liability. In most games, his shooting and...
  14. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: 2-12-15 Basketball Blabberings

    The 2015 Cyclones are a great team but have become a boring team for being predictable. It's like going to a magic show where the magician does one very impressive act, but does it over and over...
  15. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State @ Oklahoma preview

    Hield is their main scoring threat, but Cousins is shooting the ball really well, too. He's making 46 percent of his three-pointers.

    We've gotten better on the boards lately compared to our early...
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    Re: 3 pt defense

    I like that philosophy as a general rule, but it needs to be tweaked depending on the opponent. Forcing KU to take outside shots is not a good idea since their guards can hit them consistently....
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    Re: NCAA Tourney lineup...

    In fact, ISU has the highest effective field goal percentage in the league, and is great from inside the arc. Our problem is that sometimes we get too three-happy (like at Tech), instead of working...
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    Re: NCAA Tourney lineup...

    Long has been pretty good, actually. People forget he went 5-5 from beyond the arc at Baylor. The thing I don't like from him is the silly fouls early in the game, which have limited his minutes to...
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    Re: ISU @ KU Postgame

    I'm pretty disappointed in this loss, honestly. Yes, I know winning at KU is tough but this was our worst showing in Lawrence since 2011. The last three years we've put up a good fight there but last...
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    Re: ISU @ KU Postgame

    I felt like we were rebounding pretty well with Kansas, and I looked in the box score and saw we got 17 offensive rebounds(!) to their 12, and we out rebounded them overall 41-38. That was a positive...
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