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    Re: Basketball Commit (Walk on)

    Greder is much better known for his talents in XC and T&F. The kid has ran sub-16 for 5k and a 4:29 1600m (essentially a 4:31 mile). He's a 3x state medalist in cross country and twice in track...
  2. Re: Iowa State vs. Kansas 1/17 at 9 P.M. EST per ESPN? Gameday?

    Fixed your last sentence for my benefit. Too many negatives that I hardly followed your train of thought.
  3. Re: Not to get ahead of ourselves, but next year...

    Fred's twins will graduate high school locally before Fred "graduates" to the NBA. Who knows, maybe 4 years beyond that if they have the talent to fill his shoes on the court.
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    Re: BIG 12 continues to distance itself...

    It was a 1950-2000 Sports Almanac. He traveled to the year 2015 (ironic that we are talking about March Madness 2015)
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    Re: 12/21 RPI What the..............

    ISU athletics wants home games without reciprocation. Therefore, we will play a lot of 150+ RPI schools.
  6. Re: Meaningless Outrage of the Day: Incarnate Word ahead of ISU

    I agree, Yellowstone is the favorite. They've got one that consistently gets oohs and ahhs from those in attendance.
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    Re: Big 4 Classic Scheduling

    Not everyone can rotate every year. One team will repeat in the early slot, one team will repeat in the late slot, and the other two teams will rotate. Just so long as the following two years they...
  8. Re: When up 20 late in 2nd half, should the cyclones consider slowing down on offense

    Your 3rd point is actually two points. The second half of which is wrong.
  9. #25 Arkansas at #13 Iowa State (2,3,4 tix) ... And some Big12 games too

    Buy 2, 3, or 4 tickets for top-25 match-up when #25 Arkansas visits #13 Iowa State on Thursday, December 4th. 2 tickets for $80, 3 tickets for $115, or take all 4 for $140. Section 236-Row 14

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    Re: arkansas basketball forum

    Great leadership there. Doesn't even know who belongs on the floor, has to use a game to get a feel
  11. Thread: KU vs UK

    by 8bitnes

    Re: KU vs UK

    Hopefully, they enter the tourney with just 4 losses then.
  12. Re: There are still side-by-side tickets available for men's basketball

    Send both of them and enjoy the time with your wife. EVERYONE wins
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    Re: Tickets Arrived Yet?

    Are you a new ticket holder this year?
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    Re: Tickets Arrived Yet?

    Alright, so my tickets have not arrived yet and I'm in Polk County. Thoughts (other than I'm not getting tix)?
  15. Re: Fred: "The next banner to drop will be a National Championship banner"

    Well there's plenty of space for banners up there.
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    Re: 1.2 left on the clock

    Go to 2:05 in the video here to see the 1.2 seconds on the clock. Score shows 0 - 0.
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    Re: Cyclones Fifth In Big 12 Preseason Poll

    I will admit I didn't read 19 pages of this thread, so this may be posted already.

    One has to wonder if Fred voted the Cyclones last, so that they'd get 1 point from him in the poll. That would...
  18. Re: OK, two more spots just opened up. Who do we recruit?

    Not I. Saw the date of the first post and immediately clicked through to the last page.
  19. Thread: Bubu

    by 8bitnes

    Re: Bubu

    Hate to say this, but if Bubu wants to play next year, it looks like he is going to have to enroll as a grad student and pay his own way as a walk-on. He was willing to go that route 5 years ago to...
  20. Re: Ticket prices to increase, parking and donation levels to change

    Someone is making it up as they go. We had NO FEE when calling in our ticket order. It's posted to my cc already.
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