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    That "one game at a time" quote is so stupid! I have YET to see anyone play more than one game at a time! This isn't chess. Stop with the cliche's. How about " don't look ahead instead? Start talking...
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    Re: Bulletin Board Material

    I have 12,000 posts on theirs and I am not in-secure. Poor analogy. IB
  3. Re: Why is Baylor playing Huston-Tillotson tonight?

    You consider Baptists a cult? Really? Idiot. IB
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    Re: Are we the medias favorite team?

    While the CR gazette, and channel 9 are plugging the Clones more lately, they still have their collective heads up the Hoks' a$$es so far it's unreal. Mike Hlas knows the handwriting's on the wall,...
  5. Thread: Technical Foul

    by iowaboy

    Re: Technical Foul

    Really? I say the hell with the stupid rule. Go ahead and dunk. A tech foul means nothing at that point anyway.
  6. Re: Hawkeye Nation thread outraged BTN is replaying the game

    Iowa City is on the IOWA river not the Cedar.
  7. Re: Good article on the game from Hlas at CR Gazette

    Monday after the 6:00 news they have a program on TV sponsored by KCRG Channel 9 hosted by Scott Saville with Hlas, Morehouse, and Scott Dochterman. It basically is a Hawkeye Lovefest for Ferentz....
  8. Re: Whether we like it or not, Rhoads will be back, so let's talk ourselves into 2015

    With two jumbo scoreboards, two ribbon boards, and all-new acoustics, Jack Trice Stadium will now be a much tougher place to play.

    Those things have little to do with how other teams perform at...
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    Re: To those who are still on the fence

    They have given up their bodies with little reward.
    Really, a 4-5 year scholorship for free isn't enough? Really!
  10. Re: Game story: Sam Richardson on why he ran (and wishes he hadn't)

    I am not disappointed he ran, I am disappointed he ran like a girl and then slid down on his own two yards short! Really!
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    Re: Lane Kiffin... Want a Big 12 Job!!

    I was in the car business for 25 years and NEVER lied to a customer, but I sure had many customers lie to me. IB
  12. Re: When do we as fans start holding players accountable?

    We played Kansas even in the 2nd half? Think about what you just said.......we played KANSAS even???????
  13. Re: When do we as fans start holding players accountable?

    Motivation comes from within. Coaches shouldn't have to motivate players to do their best. That should be a damn given. They are sucking up schlorships that could go to deserving students that are...
  14. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD

    Quote from Coach, "But (we) were never at a position to say, 'Put him in the next quarter or the next series.'

    Well tell me Coach, if you and your staff as in we were NOT in a position to put...
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    Re: Are we dying from the head down?

    So you would rather NOT have a football team than a poor one? Really? Now that is dumb!
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    Are we dying from the head down?

    Winning is everything, just ask us losers. But firing Coaches all the time may not be the answer. What makes a successful Coach at a prior school a failure at his current one? A lot to discuss.
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    Re: Orlando & Cocoa Beach Vacation

    If you rent a car there will be people all over offering you discounts to Disney. magic Kingdom a 2 day must. Epcot center was really cool and our 11 and 7 year old liked it. cape canaveral was...
  18. Re: JP and CPR on CYDlines call-in show starting at 6:30

    Of course it does otherwise top tier games wouldn't command higher ticket prices.

    ISU if they would win 10 games a year could command higher ticket prices. Their product currently is poor yet...
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    Re: Pollard Calls Out Big 12 Officials

    Doctor of what? Proctology?
  20. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    Unreal statement. So the kid decides because of the uniform and they change the uniform the next year? Really?
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